AI for trading and investing

Trusted by leading financial institutions for more than 20 years to democratize financial and economic data and power complex modeling solutions. AI data ops, curated datasets, multi-modal artifact collection, granular sentiment scoring, and new agent-based modeling capabilities.

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SymphonyAI selected as Microsoft Partner of the Year in Business Transformation: AI Innovation
Distinction recognizes SymphonyAI’s advanced predictive and generative vertical AI applications

Market leading analytics meets cutting-edge AI/ML

Seamlessly acquire and integrate your data with over 75 vendor and public sources including 155 million mortgage loans, 20 years of consumer credit data, and granular economic indicators.

Create, edit, clone, automate, and subscribe to jobs. Easily cleanse, create and validate. SymphonyAI covers hardware, software, and private cluster setup including maintenance.

Construct calculations effortlessly with expert guidance from industry leaders. Bring together source data, statistics, scalability, and computer horsepower with ease.

Gain competitive edge with advanced delinquency/roll rate analysis, effortlessly calculate CPR, CDR, and unlock RMBS zip-code level analysis for unemployment, HPI, and credit trends.

Analyze and unlock the full potential of your portfolio: seamlessly run comprehensive historical analysis and compare performance again cohorts for unparalleled insights and strategic decision-making.

AI-powered products

Analytics-ready data

Data marketplace, validation, cleansing, transformations, blending, aggregation, and sharing


Extensive library of compute functions powered by a specialized, fully distributed, massive parallel processing cluster


No-code interfaces plus ODBC, JDBC, native APIs, command-line tools, Excel, Jupyter notebooks, SQL, Python, and R support

Why SymphonyAI

Integrated AI analytics platform with predictive and generative AI/ML capabilities for financial institutions to analyze complex data

Domain expertise meets best-in-class AI

SymphonyAI unites industry knowledge with leading AI technology for uniquely useful products.

Packaged SaaS reduces time to value, providing immediate benefits through real-time insights, precise analysis, process optimization, and automation.

Our stats tell the story

  • $18.5T

    customers’ assets under management

  • 75

    federated datasets

  • 4 of 5

    top ranked sell-side FI research providers

Trusted by leading global brands
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