Predictive AI

Innovative AI solutions

Realize rapid time to value with fine-tuned predictive models and what-if scenario analysis.

A fundamentally different approach

No more building from scratch or expensive service deployments. Save resources with packaged AI applications from SymphonyAI. Combine the power of predictive and generative AI to drive rapid value in production environments — with ease.

Drive results with the power of predictive AI

Make informed decisions at scale

Drive value with access to the information you need, when you need it, to make informed decisions in real-time.

Manage petabyte-scale data

Better understand the who, what, and why behind industry-specific trends to generate summaries, reports, and charts that are customized and impactful.

Boost efficacy with tuned ML algorithms

Effective and efficient algorithms designed for specific vertical applications can make decisions at scale.

Realize rapid value in production environments

Address industry-specific challenges with the Eureka platform, which uses advanced ML algorithms and feature engineering for proven results. SymphonyAI applications use the right supervised, semi-supervised, or unsupervised machine learning needed for each use case.

Improve forecasting

Refine time series and demand forecasting reliability for manufacturing and retail assortment and promotions.

Strengthen recommendation systems

Bolster risk detection and compliance capabilities within the financial services industry.

Apply clustering

Better identify similarities in data across marketing, merchandising, and customer predictions.

Use computer vision-based predictions

Strengthen computer application quality in manufacturing and forecasting for retail store intelligence.

The Eureka AI platform

Capture the benefits of best-in-class technology and enterprise-grade security and privacy

eureka gen ai platform
Easily manage model drift

The platform enables simple model drift management and retraining.

Receive automatic feedback

The platform has built-in tools to tune ML models, ensuring they operate within set constraints.

Incorporate dynamic learning

The platform unearths new elements within historical and real-time data to incorporate into and improve processes.

Enable ML engineers and data scientists to quickly tune, train, and deploy ML across all open-source libraries and Python SDK with the Eureka ML platform.

The Eureka ML platform’s purpose-built MLOps tools manage algorithms and models so applications are as accurate and powerful as the day they went live, continuing to learn and improve over time. The platform runs training and interference loads, using both CPUs and GPUs as needed.

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