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SymphonyAI Announces AI-Based SensaAI for Sanctions, Powering Risk Detection and Turbocharging Sanctions Screening

Industry-leading AI model pre-trained on extensive global sanctions data and expertise works out-of-the-box to augment existing sanctions screening solutions


PALO ALTO, Calif., April 8, 2024SymphonyAI, a leading provider of predictive and generative enterprise AI SaaS solutions, today announced SensaAI for Sanctions, a platform-agnostic “AI upgrade” for any sanctions solution. It dramatically impacts sanctions evasion efforts by optimizing match accuracy with deep, context-aware AI-based matching algorithms.

SensaAI for Sanctions, delivered via API, is pre-trained and ready to use out of the box. Using an organization’s existing data, SensaAI for Sanctions works in parallel with rules-based systems using AI to power the match process from rationalizing unstructured data, including SWIFT transaction data. It then applies predictive matching models that enable investigators to accurately distinguish the legitimate risks from the resource-consuming false positives. SensaAI for Sanctions is part of SymphonyAI’s strategy to deliver AI capabilities for financial crime prevention, including the introduction last year of Sensa Investigation Hub, powered by SymphonyAI’s award-winning EurekaAI generative and predictive AI platform.

“SensaAI for Sanctions arrives at a critical time for sanctions screening, offering a robust solution that aligns with the market’s shift towards more sophisticated, detection-agnostic tools,” observes Nick Vitchev, Research Director for Chartis Research. “Its current deployment simplicity reflects a keen understanding of the evolving needs in risk management. The potential of SensaAI for Sanctions to adapt to specific regional requirements without overwhelming users with false positives is particularly promising.”

With no large investment required and no complicated integration, SensaAI for sSanctions offers an array of features that revolutionize the sanctions screening process:

  • Advanced AI match assessment and explainability: Harnessing both generative and predictive AI, SensaAI for Sanctions derives an AI score for match accuracy and a comprehensive natural language explanation for the reasoning behind the score.
  • Solution-agnostic integration: SensaAI for Sanctions is designed to work with any existing case management system.
  • Pretrained and ready to deploy: Requiring no training data, SensaAI for Sanctions models are pre-trained on datasets encompassing more than 25 years of sanctions evasion, detection, and screening expertise, enabling rapid implementation and ROI.
  • Automated alert optimization: The AI matching score generated by SensaAI for Sanctions can be used to prioritize the highest-risk alerts and deprioritize low-risk alerts at Level 1, ensuring investigators are always assessing the greatest risk first.

Risk and compliance officers can harness market-leading AI capabilities, including continual learning built to evolve accurate matching as quickly as bad actors evolve evasion tactics. SensaAI demonstrates quantifiable low-cost gains by supporting more efficient investigation, transparent explainability, and seamless integration with existing solutions, providing immediate adoptability and intuitive insights for users from the front-line investigator to the boardroom.

“SensaAI for Sanctions revolutionizes the battle against increasingly sophisticated sanctions evaders, giving financial institutions immediate, powerful AI that is easy to adopt and use. SensaAI for Sanctions is lightyears ahead of existing solutions, delivering contextual awareness, accuracy, and ROI,” said Mike Foster, President of SymphonyAI’s financial services division.  “At SymphonyAI, we continue to invest boldly in delivering the power of our combined generative and predictive AI. We are excited to revolutionize sanctions screening efficiency and accuracy for financial institutions worldwide to outwit even the most resourceful bad actors.”

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