What is an Adaptor? A module used in machine learning to adapt pre-trained models to new tasks without requiring complete retraining. This saves time and resources while leveraging the existing capabilities of the model. 

What is an Agent? An AI-powered software program that can interact with users or other systems to perform specific tasks, answer questions, or automate processes.

What is an AI Application? An AI Application is a software program designed to perform a specific task using artificial intelligence techniques.

What is an AI Copilot? An AI Copilot is an assistant that assists human users in performing tasks, providing suggestions, and automating routine steps.

What is AI for Developers? Tools and libraries that enable developers to integrate AI capabilities into their applications without extensive AI expertise.

What is an AI Platform? A cloud-based infrastructure that provides tools, resources, and services for developing, deploying, and managing AI applications.

What is AI SaaS? AI SaaS (Software as a Service) are solutions delivered and managed through the cloud, offering ease of access and scalability for businesses.

What is an Algorithm? A set of instructions that guide a computer program to solve a specific problem or achieve a desired outcome.

What is an Annotation? The process of labeling data with additional information to guide and improve how machine learning models learn and understand the data.

API (Application Programming Interface)? A set of protocols and tools for building software applications that interact with external systems or services.