AI-powered connected retail

Revolutionize your retail strategy with integrated insights across supply chain, store management, category management, and promotions. Achieve unmatched forecast accuracy, streamlined operations, precise offers, and increased customer loyalty.​

What is connected retail?

Connected retail uses predictive and generative AI to deliver seamless insights and recommendations for real-time adaptation of merchandising, store and shelf execution, and demand shaping for precise operational performance.

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Take the stress out of Monday mornings

In Monday sales meetings, category managers need to quickly understand what happened, why, who it impacted, and the next steps. Disconnected data and unclear insights lead to heated debates. Connected retail unifies data and uses retail-specific AI models to deliver clear, actionable insights and coordinated actions, transforming meetings into productive and focused collaborations.​

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Benefits of connected retail

Break down silos

Work seamlessly in a unified, transparent ecosystem with automatic data sharing and synchronized actions across the organization. Align promotions, assortments, and supply chains with customer demand and product availability to maintain optimal inventory levels.​

Understand the impact of promotions connected retail

Understand the impact of promotions

Understanding which promotions worked, why they succeeded, and their impact is challenging. Connected retail provides the clarity needed to measure ROI, identify key challenges, and ensure promotions target the right product, at the right price, and at the right time.

Uncover unknown unknowns connected retail

Uncover unknown unknowns

Discover what you’ve been missing. Predictive and generative AI uncovers what’s been hidden for fast, informed decision-making.

How does connected retail work?

Data integration and centralization using real data

A robust data lake aggregates structured and unstructured data from every retail touchpoint, including POS systems, e-commerce platforms, CRM software, inventory management, and external sources. Retail-specific AI models standardize, clean, and enrich this data to deliver precise, actionable insights.

Predictive and generative AI models

Predictive AI forecasts trends and refines accuracy while generative AI simulates scenarios to provide tailored recommendations. Near real-time analytics empower retailers to monitor performance indicators such as sales, inventory levels, and customer sentiments, ensuring fast, informed decisions.

Operational integration

Connected retail boosts teamwork by helping all departments get on the same page. With everyone looking at the same data and accessing shared insights, teams across the organization can tap into a rich pool of data to make smart, well-informed decisions that consider the entire retail operation.

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