IRIS Foundry unifies industrial data for peak performance

Achieve operational excellence and scale industrial AI solutions using IRIS (Industrial Reasoning and Insights Service) Foundry, an Industrial DataOps platform.

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Data Insights

iris foundry data ops

Data Modeling

data modeling

Integrate data from diverse sources in an Industrial Knowledge Graph and combine powerful analytical tools through physics, machine learning, and advanced analytics.

Reduce network, maintenance, and data storage resources by eliminating the need for multiple point-to-point data connections, bypassing highly specialized engineering services and personnel.

Panoramic view of AI data systems that encompass processes, equipment, sensors, production lines, products, customers, employees, and essentially entire ecosystems.

Identify and implement predictive relationships within data, crucial for building trusted, high-quality analytics and machine learning models.

Data Contextualization

Provides universal access to all enterprise data with Unified Namespace, enabling employees of all levels to instantly understand and interact with contextualized information from any industrial network.

Reduces network, maintenance, and data storage resources by eliminating the need for multiple point-to-point data connections, bypassing highly specialized engineering services and personnel.

Painless integrations, standardized data access across various formats, and reduced network complexity, achieving benefits with improved process efficiency and faster time-to-market.

Enhance predictive analytics and decision-making by enriching data with contextual metadata, allowing for tailored, accurate, and relevant insights to specific operational scenarios.

Data Orchestration

  • Seamless integration with OT and IT data sources through pre-built industrial connectors and managed cloud and edge storage platforms.
  • Unified namespace helps to streamline and organize industrial data through the processes of connecting to data clients, transforming data to compliant formats, and storing data within historians, databases, or data lakes.
  • Automatic discovery of all data from sources, and elimination of cache latency and stale, out-dated data.
  • Exceptional versatility, speed, and user-friendliness, all while maintaining the highest standards of data integrity and security through tools like P&ID ingestion.

Data Governance

  • Maintain standards for processing and consuming data sources to quickly identify, address, and resolve potential production and integrity issues.
  • Ensure consistent, secure, and accurate data sharing across different vendors and partners.
  • Maintain and ensure compliance of data at all stages with stringent regulations and specifications, facilitating accurate tracking and reporting.
    Promote accountability and transparency in data handling, empowering personnel to treat data as a product.

Data Transformation

  • Converting raw data into meaningful and interpretable information that provides valuable insights to enable more informed and accurate decision-making in business strategies and operations.
  • Transforms data by standardizing formats, cleaning, and enriching data, adding to the assurance of data integrity and quality across an entire enterprise.
  • Complex data processing tasks and routines are streamlined, effectively reducing manual effort and error usually associated with data processing, significantly boosting operational efficiency and productivity.
  • Enables dynamic scalability and adaptability in data handling, adjusting in real-time to accommodate new data sources, formats, and analytics requirements.

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