What is Advanced Industrial Analytics? Advanced Industrial Analytics is the use of sophisticated analytical techniques and technologies within the manufacturing sector to enhance operational excellence. This approach leverages domain-informed, out-of-the-box analytics solutions, incorporating real-time monitoring, data dashboards, and AI/ML engines to drive improvements in plant performance, transparency, and risk management. Key features include proactive mitigation […]

What is a Connected Frontline Worker? A Connected Frontline Worker (ALT: Proceedix Connected Frontline Worker, Connected worker) is the integration of AI technology directly into the daily operations of industrial and manufacturing personnel and workers. This integration uses mobile devices, wearables, copilots, and other digital tools to provide workers with step-by-step detailed instructions and the […]

What is Data Contextualization? Industrial Data Contextualization (ALT: Industrial Data Contextualization) refers to the process of integrating and enhancing data within industry and manufacturing, contriving more accessible and meaningful data across various operational layers. This involves the use of a Unified Namespace which allows individuals at all organizational levels to interact seamlessly with data, while […]

What is Industrial AI? Industrial AI refers to the application of artificial intelligence technologies to enhance industrial processes by improving efficiency, reducing downtime, and managing operational risk through intelligent data. It encompasses both predictive and generative AI capabilities tailored specifically for vertical applications in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. These AI systems integrate with operational […]

What is Industrial Augmented Reality? Industrial Augmented Reality (ALT: Industrial AR, AR for Manufacturing) is the application of augmented reality (AR) technology to enhance manufacturing and industrial processes. This technology overlays digital information such as graphics, data, and instructions, directly onto the user’s field of view through AR glasses or other mobile or wearable devices. […]

What is an Industrial Copilot? Industrial Copilots (ALT: Industrial AI Copilot, Manufacturing Copilot) are generative AI tools designed to provide a user interface to enhance the efficiency and productivity of industrial and manufacturing operations. These AI solutions are built to assist frontline workers, engineers, and plant managers by providing an interactive user experience through human-like […]

What is an Industrial Data Foundation? An Industrial Data Foundation is part of an advanced Industrial DataOps platform, designed to unify and optimize industrial data across various operational technologies (OT) and information technologies (IT). This platform leverages pre-built industrial connectors for seamless integration with diverse data sources and employs a unified namespace for organizing data, […]

What is Industrial data operations (DataOps)? Industrial DataOps is a strategic framework designed to optimize the capture, management, and utilization of data within industrial and manufacturing sectors. The core objective of Industrial DataOps is to transform data into strategic assets, enhancing operational efficiencies, minimizing unscheduled asset downtime, and boosting connected worker capabilities by fostering a […]

What is an Industrial Digital Twin? An Industrial Digital Twin (ALT: Industrial Digital Twin, Operational Digital Twin) is a digital representation of a physical asset or process, designed to facilitate the simulation, monitoring, and optimization of that asset or process. Industrial Digital Twin technology enables enhanced insight into asset health, operational risk, and system efficiency […]

What is Industrial Knowledge Graph (Industrial Data Fabric)? Industrial Knowledge Graph is an important AI data structure that integrates heterogeneous data sources within the industrial sector, the Industrial Knowledge Graph creates a comprehensive, connected, and contextual network of data sources. It allows for the visualization and utilization of relationships between various data points, such as […]