What is AVOD? Advertising Video on Demand (AVOD) is an OTT media distribution model where users access video content for free, and OTT platform service providers monetize content by presenting users with advertisements before, during, and after the viewing experience.   Why is AVOD Important? YouTube first launched as a social video sharing website in […]

What is Behavioral Analytics? Behavioral analytics is the practice of capturing, aggregating, and analyzing user behavior data from a software application to better understand user preferences, improve digital products, and drive user satisfaction. For OTT video streaming services, behavioral analytics means capturing user behavior data from a digital video streaming platform, centralizing that data in […]

What is Broadcast Video on Demand (BVOD)? Broadcast Video on Demand (BVOD) is a media distribution model where users access online and on-demand video content from traditional, free-to-air TV broadcasters. This content is often available for free in exchange for viewing advertisements.   Why is BVOD important? Consumer adoption of BVOD models exploded in the […]

What is Connected TV (CTV)? Connected TV refers to a television used to stream online video content usually through platform-specific applications. Smart TVs, connected devices like Apple TV, and gaming consoles can all qualify as CTV devices.    How is CTV different from OTT? While CTV refers to a device that can be used to […]

What Is Content Affinity? Content affinity is a user’s likelihood of interest in an individual piece of content or a category of content. Platforms who serve media content often rely on machine learning software to predict content affinity for various segments of users.   How Do Media and Entertainment Companies Use Content Affinity? Media and […]

What is Content Analytics? Content analytics is the practice of capturing and analyzing user engagement data to measure the reach, performance, or popularity of a piece of content. Content analytics can be applied to many different types of content, including social media posts, articles, webinars hosted on a website, or video content (e.g. a film […]

What is content metadata? Metadata can be defined as “data that provides information about other data”. Content metadata can include descriptive information about the content itself, how the content is structured, when the content was created or last modified, how the content must be decoded or rendered, or the legal ownership status of the content. […]

What is content valuation? Content valuation is the process of treating each piece of content as a financial asset and calculating its real-time market value. Data-driven content valuation empowers media and entertainment companies to invest, acquire, and promote with greater efficacy.   Why content valuation is important for media companies Competition and spending among video […]

What is content value management (CVM)? Content value management (CVM) is a practice that centers on a comprehensive understanding of the financial value of one’s media assets and the ability to optimize how those assets are deployed. A tool with CVM capabilities is able to process large quantities of content-related data and give users helpful […]

What is the DTC Distribution Model? Direct-to-Consumer (DTC or D2C) distribution is an over-the-top (OTT) monetization strategy where content owners bypass middleman by monetizing assets on their own proprietary platforms. In the realm of media and entertainment, content owners traditionally earn revenue by licensing video assets to third-party distributors. However, a DTC strategy gives content […]