Content value management (CVM)

What is content value management (CVM)?

Content value management (CVM) is a practice that centers on a comprehensive understanding of the financial value of one’s media assets and the ability to optimize how those assets are deployed. A tool with CVM capabilities is able to process large quantities of content-related data and give users helpful insights into data trends and opportunities.


The difference between content value management and content valuation

Content value management is similar to content valuation. While content valuation encompasses the main concept of placing a financial value on media assets, CVM is the related practice of monetizing and managing how those assets are produced, licensed, and distributed. Content value management involves streamlining the content lifecycle to optimize the financial value of each piece of content in a media company’s library.


The benefits of content value management

In today’s ecosystem of ever-evolving streaming platforms and distribution models, media and entertainment companies need to practice efficient and precise content value management to enjoy a competitive advantage. Done well, CVM provides actionable insight into the business value of each piece of content and enables real-time, informed decision-making to maximize a company’s bottom line.

The true market value of a media asset can fluctuate widely depending on audience demand and other market forces. Still, many companies rely on outdated methods to calculate content values, and all too often, stakeholders do not know the potential profitability of the content assets in which they’ve invested. Media companies that remain dependent on spreadsheets shared between siloed departments and time-consuming manual processes for content valuation are unable to develop the most effective and comprehensive business cases for their media assets.

the datasheetTraditional methods of CVM lack the agility, accuracy, and automation of today’s digital tools. Digital tools with CVM capabilities can measure, track, and analyze big data related to content, viewers, and financials, including demographics, licensing and profit-sharing reports, engagement metrics, and more. CVM tools can assess revenue by title, series, genre, distributor, time period, audience segment, promotion, region, and event. Insight from this trove of data can reveal opportunities for companies to negotiate higher licensing agreement fees, expand their audience, or change their revenue models.

Data-driven CVM tools empower companies to hone content strategy, communicate the best value proposition for their content, and negotiate better deals. Media companies looking to accelerate growth use tools with CVM capabilities to drive successful enablement of content initiatives, and ultimately, to reach their full potential.

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