End of Life (EOL) Policy


1. Issue

Issue 2.1, March 2024

2. Purpose

This EOL Policy summarises our approach to the ‘end of life’ of the SymphonyAI Financial Services software products listed in the attached Annex, to enable our customers to make informed purchase, support and upgrade decisions.

This EOL Policy is not intended to create any legally binding representations, warranties or obligations unless expressly incorporated by reference into a valid licence, support and maintenance agreement.

For existing customers, if the customer agreement differs from this EOL Policy, the terms of the customer agreement will take precedence over this EOL Policy.

3. Definitions

In this EOL Policy, “us”, “we” or “our” refers to the SymphonyAI entity which is party to the applicable customer licence, support and maintenance agreement.

4. Software Product Lifecycle

Our key software product lifecycle milestones are summarised below, which apply to both to an overall software product and each release thereof.

Formal announcements relating to General Availability, End of Standard Support (EOSS) and End of Life (EOL) dates will be made available on our website/portal, via the customer’s Account Manager, or otherwise notified to the customer by e-mail and incorporated as an update to the Annex to this EOL Policy.

4.1. General Availability (GA)

This is the date we make a software product or a release thereof generally available to customers.

General availability releases are made available (on request) to customers with a valid and paid-up licence and support and maintenance agreement in the applicable edition or feature level of the software product, in accordance with and subject to the terms of such customer agreement.

The customer is entitled to use the new or enhanced features or functionality of each general availability release that are stated as being included in the edition or feature level that the customer is licensed for under their customer agreement, such included features being as designated by us in the updated product documentation issued with that release.

Assistance with the installation of a new release can be obtained by separate agreement via a chargeable professional services engagement.

Customers are encouraged to upgrade to newer releases to benefit from the latest functionality, performance enhancements, bug fixes, security updates and compatibility changes.

4.2. Notification of End of Life

This is the date that we publicly announce or begin notifying customers about the end of life of a software product or a particular release of that software product and the associated End of Standard Support and End of Life dates (as defined below).

Where the Annex to this EOL Policy indicates a “not before” date for the EOSS and EOL dates for a particular release of a software product, the exact EOSS and EOL dates we will announce for that release will not be earlier than the dates shown.

Where the Annex to this EOL Policy does not indicate a “not before” date for a particular release of a software product, the EOSS and EOL dates we will announce for that release will be a minimum of 18 months’ from the date of the Notification of End of Life.

As part of the Notification of End of Life announcement, we will provide information and guidance on newer supported releases and/or alternative software products or services with similar or enhanced functionality and the potential migration/upgrade paths. Any alternative software products and services may be subject to additional licence and implementation charges.

Notifications of End of Life for an overall software product are deemed to cover all releases of that software product (that themselves have not yet reached their individual end of life date).

4.3. End of Standard Support (EOSS)

This is the date after which we will no longer provide technical support and maintenance services on the software product or release under any existing customer support and maintenance agreement, however the customer may be able to purchase limited Extended Technical Support (as described in the ‘Extended Technical Support’ section below) until the End of Life date.

4.4. End of Life (EOL)

This is the date on which the software product or release has reached the end of its useful life and from that date we will no longer provide any technical support or maintenance whatsoever on that software product or release, including any Extended Technical Support.

The End of Life date of a software product or release will typically be 12 months after its EOSS Date.

5. Commitment for new or recently upgraded customers

Notwithstanding the EOSS/EOL dates we may publicly announce for a particular release, we will continue to provide technical support to any customers who have recently installed or upgraded to that release until their First Renewal Date, subject to the conditions below:

  • First Renewal Date” means the end date of the then-current term of the customer’s licence and support and maintenance agreement as at the date that the installation/upgrade to that release was completed, excluding any subsequent renewal or extension thereof (howsoever arising).
  • This commitment is only provided for customers who installed or upgraded to the latest release available at the time of such installation/upgrade. For customers with multiple installations/instances of the same software product, each and every instance must have been installed or upgraded to the latest release available at the time of the installation/upgrade of that specific instance.
  • This commitment is further subject to the customer’s continued compliance with the applicable customer licence and support and maintenance agreement following the end of life announcement.
6. Extended Technical Support

Following its EOSS Date and until its EOL Date, we may, at our discretion, allow customers to purchase “Extended Technical Support” for a software product or release, as set out below.

The purpose of Extended Technical Support is to allow customers additional time to upgrade or migrate to a supported software product or release. As such, Extended Technical Support will only normally be considered for customers who, prior to the EOSS Date, have signed an agreement to commit to such upgrade/migration. It should be noted that Extended Technical Support is not intended to be equivalent to our standard technical support and so we strongly advise that customers upgrade/migrate prior to the EOSS Date. 

Extended Technical Support is provided on the following basis:

  • Under Extended Technical Support we will use commercially reasonable efforts to resolve support incidents using known and existing workarounds, fixes or releases, or else using commercially reasonable efforts to provide new workarounds or fixes provided that these do not require any code changes in the underlying software product. No new developments, updates, upgrades, enhancements, security patches, vulnerability remediations and/or engineering fixes are provided during Extended Technical Support. We will endeavour to respond to and resolve incidents in accordance with our contractual target timescales, but any service credits (if previously agreed) will not apply.
  • Our ability to provide Extended Technical Support is limited by the extent to which any relevant third-party products incorporated within the software product remain fully supported by the applicable third-party vendor. Following the end-of-support date of such a third-party product (as identified by the applicable third-party vendor), we will not be able to provide support in relation to that third-party product (even if that third-party vendor offers extended support).
  • The customer must not make any changes (e.g. patches, updates, upgrades) to the underlying operating environment where the software product is deployed (including, without limitation, operating systems, infrastructure software and hardware, database servers or browser versions) without obtaining our prior written authorisation.  The customer must raise any requests in advance via our customer portal, which we will review. We will provide authorisation if the proposed changes are not expected to negatively impact the operation of the software product. For more significant changes (e.g. upgrades to the operating environment to ensure continued support by the customer’s other third-party vendors and suppliers) we may charge additional fees for testing and certification of the proposed changes (and we cannot give a commitment that the certification will be successful).
  • Extended Technical Support is subject to agreement in writing and is subject to additional charge (to be confirmed at the time in response to the request).
  • Any requests for Extended Technical Support must be raised at least 90 days before the applicable EOSS Date (or at least 90 days before the end of the then-current term of any previously agreed Extended Technical Support).  Once Extended Technical Support has lapsed, it cannot be reinstated.
  • Any agreed Extended Technical Support will automatically cease on the EOL Date for the software product or release. 


This EOL Policy applies to the SymphonyAI Financial Services software products listed below:

NetReveal Software Products

Applicable software products:

  • NetReveal Name Screening (formerly known as NetReveal Sanctions & PEPs screening)
  • NetReveal Transaction Screening (formerly known as NetReveal Transaction Filtering)
  • NetReveal AML Transaction Monitoring
  • NetReveal Know Your Customer (KYC) / Customer Due Diligence (CDD)
  • NetReveal AML for Correspondent Banking
  • NetReveal Payment Fraud

Key dates: