Discover generative AI for business

Help workers do a better, faster job with deep insights and productivity boosts. Use-case-specific applications and copilots provide valuable insights, recommendations, and what-if analysis to accelerate value for businesses.

Address the specific needs of your customers

SymphonyAI’s generative AI applications are built on industry-specific, fine-tuned large language models and combined with knowledge graphs to impactfully address individual use cases.

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AI copilots for business users

Financial Crime Investigator: Resolve financial crime investigations up to 70% faster and open up time for investigators to make informed decisions. Sensa Copilot harnesses the power of generative AI to source, summarize, and analyze data.

Sensa Copilot

Generative AI for businesses

Drive results with the Eureka AI architecture, built for speed at scale.

eureka gen ai platform

UI/UX components

  • Enhance decision-making capabilities at the individual user level with generative AI Copilot UX for every industry
  • Improve response processing with plug-ins and other UI components that convey information in an approachable, easily consumable way

Skills, agents, and orchestrations

  • Support reasoning and insights with a skills library of tools and plug-ins for external data
  • Respond promptly with orchestrated reasoning and dynamic planning across needed skills
  • Execute an orchestration plan with a digital agent and tool invocation
  • Optimize information delivery with response processing via text, table, visualization, or charts
  • Support users with conversational memory management

Privacy, security, identity, and access control

  • Protect operations with encrypted data at rest and over the network
  • Ensure safety with enterprise data that never leaves the application and is never imported into SymphonyAI’s LLMs
  • Control visibility with centrally-controlled, user-specific access
  • Increase protection with modern cloud security at the data and API layers

Data and AI infrastructure

  • Create precise insights without hallucinations with vertical-specific LLMs
  • Knowledge graphs contextualize information to improve responses
  • Connect to relevant APIs and third-party data sources, boosting access to relevant context and insights
  • Eureka ML Platform: for models’ experimentation, validations, and containerized deployment within Kubernetes cluster via Kubeflow pipelines
  • Eureka Data Platform: for data integration, wrangling and transformation from raw data to business level aggregates
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