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Resolve issues faster, deliver superior experience, and improve performance using generative AI powered by the Apex platform.

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Redefine support at work

The intensity of work, overload of information, and need for always-on availability are outpacing our ability to keep up. According to a survey, 30% of CIOs say that “growth driven by employee productivity” is their top priority. Another survey found that “not easily finding information” is one of the top five obstacles to productivity. 

SymphonyAI Enterprise Copilot can help lift the drudgery of work and unleash the productivity of employees. Leveraging the power of generative AI, SymphonyAI Enterprise Copilot delivers faster responses and superior services in a new way to boost employee engagement and performance.  

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With the Apex Enterprise IT Copilot, you can achieve:

Faster resolution

Spend less time troubleshooting and more time focusing on business-critical tasks. With the Enterprise Copilot, you can swiftly address your IT or any enterprise support needs using generative AI to provide employees with the information they require instantly.

Increased business value

Eliminate interruptions and maintain uninterrupted business. By instantly resolving employee issues or providing proactive support, you contribute to the growth of your organization and its overall success.

Improved agent productivity

Streamline operations by reducing call volumes and increasing agent efficiency. With the Enterprise Copilot handling routine inquiries, support agents can focus on more complex tasks and deliver higher-quality service.

Apex Enterprise IT Copilot suite

Overcome the challenges of modern work environments and empower your employees to achieve optimal productivity.

Two professional women, one Black and one Caucasian, intently reviewing data on a tablet in a modern office.

Helps end users (employees) self-serve by providing relevant knowledge articles or with automating tasks using Summit Service Automation. Use cases include knowledge search, password reset, shared folder access, guest Wi-Fi access and more.

Two professional women, one Black and one Caucasian, intently reviewing data on a tablet in a modern office.

Helps analysts / knowledge workers in managing and resolving issues. Work Prioritization, Operational Intelligence, Write Knowledge Articles.

Helps leaders with real time insights, identify trends and patterns and make data driven decisions. Use cases include: major incident/crisis management, trends prediction, and operational insights.

Key capabilities

Knowledge management for the enterprise

Knowledge Management for the enterprise

Accelerate and automate AI-enabled extraction of information from multiple sources across various departments or tenants of the enterprise from IT to HR to finance and more.

Do more with your existing tech stack.

Integrate with your existing ITSM tools and cybersecurity platforms to provide a holistic view of enterprise services.

Security and governance that you can trust

Tight integration with Summit and other OAUTH based SSO providers. Single tenant model which is independently hosted on cloud ensures zero data leakage.

Workload management for the enterprise

Optimize task distribution across various resources from various geographies within the enterprise.

Intelligent recommendation for solutions

Get recommendations of potential solutions for issues based on historical resolutions.

Automatic root cause analysis

Analyze vast amount of issue data and correlate events to identify the root cause of an issue.

Enhance productivity

Notify who? on MS teams and set up calendar invites for what? via integration with key applications.

Enhance user experience

Get 24/7 support, and swift resolution of IT issues reducing downtime and increasing CSAT.

Not just any AI copilot

Get factual accuracy with the natural user interface, enjoy instant verification with linked citations and allow users to track the progress of their ticket within the chat interface.

Go beyond with human assistance

Experience seamless transition from an AI-powered chatbot to live human agent during support interactions.

Enhanced outcomes with self-improvement

Get more refined results as the copilot improves with every interaction. The continuous improvement cycle enables the copilot to handle larger datasets.

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