Your data will never be perfect. With SensaAI, it doesn’t have to be.

AI-powered sanctions augmentation that optimizes your existing sanctions screening to assess matches with far greater accuracy.

Rationalize unstructured data with Gen AI


Pioneering generative AI analyzes unstructured text to extract all relevant information.


With structure generated, advanced matching algorithms significantly improve match accuracy.


The result is a real-time AI score and match explanation that identifies false positives and high-risk alerts.

Introducing SensaAI for Sanctions

SensaAI for Sanctions is an AI-powered augmentation that optimizes your existing sanctions system to dramatically increase match accuracy and significantly reduce false positives.


Reduce false positives

Quickly identify and dismiss false positives in a fraction of the time. With a simple case manager integration, false positives can even be auto-hibernated.

Detect hidden risk

Risk hidden in unstructured data is now identified, enabling far greater match accuracy and ensuring criminals don’t slip by unnoticed.

Ensure full transparency

Match explanations for each AI Score empowers investigators to make confident decisions, with a clear audit trail and justification for decision-making.

Prioritize high risk alerts

Ensure the greatest risk is always presented to investigators at the top of the queue.

Augment screening with incredible results

  • 80%

    Reduction in false positives

  • 100%

    True positive retention

Immediate results

Pre-trained on proprietary synthetic data, deployment is fast and efficient, and gets to work from day one.

Solution agnostic

Easily integrate into your current sanctions operations via a simple API integration.

DIY Proof of Value

Evaluate performance using your own historical data to see for yourself the incredible results that can be achieved.

SaaS offering

SensaAI is offered within a single tenant hosted environment or deployed directly to your private Azure cloud.

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