Intelligence-led CDD/KYC for dynamic risk assessment

Real-time onboarding, risk scoring, and integrated name screening so you can comply with regulations efficiently and effectively.

CDD/ KYC benefits

Effectively detect and manage risk

Consolidate customer information from all your systems during verification and gain a single, holistic understanding of a customer’s risk profile.

Fulfill your regulatory compliance requirements

Ensure you adhere to new ultimate beneficial owner and existing regulatory directives such as the FinCEN KYC/CDD final ruling and the 6th EU AML Directive.

Fast processing to reduce impact on customers

Onboard and detect risks in real time. Accelerate the customer due diligence process by automating data enrichment and use one – click third party callouts to quickly understand complex corporate structures.

Customizable to your risk appetite

Easily adjust ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) thresholds according to regulatory mandates and your risk appetite.

Efficient, effective, risk assessment

  • 30%

    reduction in alert volumes

  • 25%

    faster risk detection

  • 20+

    years providing compliance solutions

Celent recognizes SymphonyAI for Know Your Customer

2020 Edition report

SymphonyAI positioned as a “Major Player”

In IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Know-Your-Customer Solutions

Financial Services 2018 Vendor Assessment

CDD / KYC capabilities

Real – time onboarding

Perform KYC/CDD investigations in real-time, allowing for faster onboarding decisions.

Risk scoring and alerting

Score and rank risks associated with each customer and provide holistic views of their risk profile. Alert users to potential risks in real-time.

UBO threshold management

Adjust the UBO threshold according to business processes or regulatory mandates.

Dynamic customer risk dashboard

Provide a visual representation of the customer’s entire risk profile, allowing for faster and more informed decisions throughout the customer’s lifecycle.

Third-party data enrichment

Enrich corporate data with a single click and gain a multi-layered view of complex corporate structures, sourced from third-party data.

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