Payment Fraud

AI Payment Fraud Prevention

The leading solution for payment fraud prevention and detection, built with advanced AI technology and analytics.

Payment Fraud benefits

Prevent fraud at the source

Significantly reduce fraud losses with advanced real-time fraud detection analytics technology that identifies and stops bad actors in their tracks.

Enable safe, fast customer journeys

Ensure that customers are only presented with friction when appropriate and only invoke processes like step-up authentication when necessary.

Shared intelligence

Take advantage of SymphonyAI’s universal approach to risk management and share risk and case information across your fraud, risk, and compliance functions.

Self-service detection models

Keep your detection models current and aligned with your business operations with minimal IT intervention.

Effective payment fraud detection and prevention

  • 69%

    reduction in fraud losses

  • 55%

    reduction in false positives

  • Real-time

    risk monitoring with low latency monitoring

SymphonyAI named IDC MarketScape “Major Player”

In Worldwide Enterprise Fraud Management in banking 2020 vendor assessment

Payment Fraud capabilities

Real-time risk identification

Arm teams with real-time information allowing them to identify and counter threats as soon as they arise.

Predictive risk indicators

Use AI and machine learning to continually monitor customer behavior and compare it with pre-defined risk indicators and AI-powered risk models to ensure that your organization identifies every threat.

Managed analytics service

Augment in-house teams and arm fraud analysts and investigators with expert guidance on AI to combat the latest financial crime tactics.

Customizable user journeys

Apply fraud prevention controls intelligently to ensure that genuine customers are not unnecessarily hampered during their interaction.

Financial crime prevention for your industry


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Financial markets

Quickly respond to evolving regulations, competitive challenges, and emerging market prospects with informed, AI-powered decision-making.

Private banking and wealth management

Optimize investigator efficiency with solutions designed for high net-worth clients and high-value transaction environments.