Transaction Monitoring

AML transaction monitoring stops criminals in their tracks

Discover hidden risks, streamline investigations, and dramatically reduce false positives with next-generation AI. 

Transaction Monitoring benefits

Reduce false positives

Significantly decrease the number of false positive alerts, allowing investigators to focus on genuine risks and saving valuable time and resources.

Reduce exposure to risk

Identify and mitigate risks that others may overlook, ensuring your organization is well-protected against potential threats and minimizing the risk of regulatory fines or reputational damage.

Simplify processes and increase efficiencies

Streamline transaction monitoring operations, automate manual tasks, and provide a holistic view of risk, resulting in improved efficiency, faster investigations, and optimized alert management.

Remain compliant far into the future

Stay ahead of evolving regulatory requirements and industry standards with advanced AI and machine learning models, ensuring ongoing compliance and reducing the need for costly and disruptive system changes.

Combining trusted technology with cutting-edge AI for unrivaled results

  • 70%

    fewer false positives

  • 81x

    improvement in risk-alert ratio

  • 30%

    more SAR-worthy risks detected

SymphonyAI named as Category Leader in Chartis Risk Tech Quadrant for Transaction Monitoring


Risk detection

A unique combination of advanced risk detection models and proven rules to proactively identify financial crimes. Detect complex patterns and anomalies in transactions, enhancing risk detection accuracy.

Risk prioritization

Prioritize alerts based on risk levels and use Intelligent Event Triage to optimize alert management and focus investigator efforts on critical cases.

Simplified reporting

Simplify compliance and reporting with integrated reporting functionalities, capturing risk profiles across the customer lifecycle and ensuring regulatory compliance with efficient reporting capabilities.


Stay flexible and adaptable by quickly updating AML detection strategies to address emerging threats and changing regulatory requirements.

The leader in explainabilty

Ensure model transparency and interpretability, meeting or exceeding the requirements for explainability in major jurisdictions. Provide clear insights into the decision-making process of the transaction monitoring system and support compliance efforts.

Financial crime prevention for your industry

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Elevate your security and compliance while advancing digital transformation with our leading solutions for AML, KYC/CDD, and watch list management.

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Reduce costs, safeguard your reputation, and meet regulatory compliance obligations with AI-powered solutions driving innovation and value.

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Financial markets

Quickly respond to evolving regulations, competitive challenges, and emerging market prospects with informed, AI-powered decision-making.

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Private banking and wealth management

Optimize investigator efficiency with solutions designed for high net-worth clients and high-value transaction environments.