SymphonyAI companies are market-leading B2B AI companies transforming the enterprise with a new generation of AI solutions in retail and CPG, healthcare and life sciences, financial services, industrial manufacturing, energy, oil & gas, defense, and media and entertainment.



­­­Symphony RetailAI is a global leader in AI-enabled decision platforms, solutions and insights for driving profitable revenue growth for retailers and CPG manufacturers.

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ConcertAI is the global leader in precision oncology, integrating AI technology, real-world data and real-world evidence solutions for life science companies and healthcare providers.

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Symphony MediaAI is a leading provider of AI-powered technology solutions that help accelerate revenue growth for media companies and content publishers and distributors.

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Symphony IndustrialAI is the leader of expert system, AI-powered industrial process optimization and asset health solutions.

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Symphony AyasdiAI is the world’s most advanced AI software company for a new generation of high-value solutions for banks and other financial institutions.

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Symphony SummitAI is a leading provider AI-driven IT and enterprise service management solutions.

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TeraRecon is the leading provider of medical imaging AI development, visualization, and interoperability technologies.

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The proven, practical AI solutions of Symphony AI Group for the public sector deliver insights and predictive analytics that help reduce costs, control waste, and provide efficiencies.

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Symphony CrescendoAI is the developer of EurekaAI, the world’s most advanced AI platform.

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EurekaAI platform

We are looking forward to expanding our collaboration with ConcertAI and exploring the application of analytics to RWD (real-world data) for generating RWE (real-world evidence) in genitourinary cancers, a key area of our oncology strategy


AI technology can help with compliance because it has the ability “to do things human beings are not typically good at like high frequency high volume data problems” or augment human capabilities. It’s a win-win. We reduce risks and it costs less money.


We are delighted to engage with Ayasdi on this mission-critical task of creating clinical pathways for our patient population. Our ability to rapidly construct clinical pathways based on our own data and measure adherence by our staff to those standards provides us with the opportunity to deliver better care at a lower cost to our patients. Given the complexity of the challenge, using AI to solve this problem is the right approach, and Ayasdi’s CVM application makes it accessible to our practitioners, a key part of the value proposition given Flagler does not have dedicated data science resources.


We consider supply chain efficiency and high-quality demand forecasting to be critical in driving customer satisfaction and ensuring that the right products are available at the right time, at the most affordable price. We have an extensive and growing retail operation that will benefit from Symphony RetailAI’s cutting-edge technologies and global best practices.


Precision Health Informatics’ model uses information from the molecular profile representing the genetics of the patient’s disease combined with the clinical information specific to that patient to develop personalized medicine solutions that are integral to diagnosing cancer and offering physicians and patients effective treatment options. ConcertAI’s leadership in solutions for precision medicine will help us derive more meaningful insights from patient data, that in turn may help us connect patients with appropriate clinical trials.