Meet SymphonyAI’s companies that are providing, innovating, and delivering AI-enabled platforms & intelligence solutions which drive revenue growth and operational excellence.

Concerto HealthAI

Concerto HealthAI is SymphonyAI’s healthcare group. Our mission is to accelerate drug development, clinical trials, HEOR analytics and patient outcomes through definitive RWD and AI solutions. Meet our group companies:


Concerto HealthAI, a SymphonyAI group
Precision Health AI, a Concerto HealthAI company, by SymphonyAI

Precision HealthAI

Precision HealthAI is the emerging leader in the Definitive Clinical Real World Data, AI solutions, and AI platform  for Oncology. Our work enables Life Sciences companies, payers and providers to improve cancer care, accelerate and reduce the cost of drug development and clinical trials, and achieve superior HEOR analytics/insights. The solutions leverages best in breed deep clinical data to match the right patient with the right treatment.

Vector Oncology

Vector Oncology is the leader in clinical HEOR analytics, clinical data curation services and PRO data acquisition technology and services. Vector Oncology identifies patients early on in the treatment cycle and offers solutions to acquire and retain patients.

Vector Oncology, a Concerto HealthAI company, by SymphonyAI
Prometrics, a Concerto HealthAI company, by SymphonyAI Group


Prometrics has a combination of superior data sets & cutting edge technology to be a leader in commercial RWD, AI solutions & Data Services. Driven by clinical evidence, it supports healthcare players in measuring and determining value based payments.

Symphony RetailAI

Symphony RetailAI is a leader in AI solutions for food and grocery retailers with over 125 major global customers. Our AI solutions for optimizing merchandising, including category management, category planning and promotions, personalized marketing and predictive demand planning.

Symphony RetailAI is a SymphonyAI Group company
Symphony Industrial AI, a Symphony AI company

Symphony Industrial AI

Symphony Industrial AI is an emerging leader in AI solutions for predictive maintenance and optimizing plant and field service operations in asset heavy industries such as oil, gas and chemicals. Achieve the highest degree of operations optimization with predictive and prescriptive analytics, smart alerts, safety & energy advisories and real time situation awareness.

Symphony SUMMIT

Symphony SUMMIT is revolutionizing the worldwide increased demand for IT by using a Cloud-based Integrated IT Operations Management platform to reduce business costs on existing infrastructure. SUMMIT’s platform integrates service availability, service automation, service skill & project management while incorporating gamification. The AI & ML algorithms correlate data to develop situational awareness drastically accelerating and automating remediation. SUMMIT’s innovations allow clients to increase productivity and improve experiences in IT operations.

Symphony Summit, a SymphonyAI group company
KrystalAI, a SymphonyAI company


KrystalAI is a cutting edge contract intelligence platform. Experience advanced, accelerated contract analysis and review that employs state-of-the-art AI techniques with unique legal informatics applications. Our platform integrates with major CLMs and has an extensible architecture to extract review custom contracts from unstructured source data. KrystalAI emphasizes efficiency with workflows for review, abstraction, project management as well as compliance efforts, including IFRS 15, IFRS 16 and ISDA.


Marketers and media companies hire SimmonsAI for its powerful consumer intelligence data and technology, to develop customer personas, segmentation schemes, market strategies and activation approaches. SimmonsAI core assets include broad consumer data – including demographics, psychographics, attitudes, purchases, intent and behavioral data – and AI-powered technology for making meaning of this and other data points across an enterprise.

Simmons, a SymphonyAI group company