ConcertAI is the global leader in precision oncology, integrating AI technology, real-world data and real-world evidence solutions for life science companies and healthcare providers.

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ConcertAI’s mission is to accelerate improvements in clinical outcomes for cancer patients through partnerships, unique real-world data assets, leading AI-based technologies, and the world’s top outcomes research and data science talent.

Jeff Elton

CEO, ConcertAI




cancer reduction goal by 2029


unique patient records


year-over-year growth 2019-2020


of the top 20 life science companies use ConcertAI

We are looking forward to expanding our collaboration with ConcertAI and exploring the application of analytics to RWD (real-world data) for generating RWE (real-world evidence) in genitourinary cancers, a key area of our oncology strategy.


Using data from Texas Oncology’s large patient base, Precision Health Informatics is at the forefront of precision medicine, innovative cancer testing and diagnostic approaches, such as next-generation sequencing – changing and improving the standard of care for patients. Ultimately, this is all about developing and connecting cancer patients to precise, effective treatment. ConcertAI’s deep expertise in research-grade RWD solutions and AI technologies make it the ideal collaborator with Precision Health Informatics to help us more quickly develop medical innovations that benefit patients in our practice and elsewhere.