Public Sector

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Reduce costs. Control waste. Deliver transformative mission-relevant advances with predictive analytics and breakthrough AI solutions delivering value across intelligence, defense, healthcare, and research communities.

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SymphonyAI Government Solutions brings the proven, practical AI solutions of SymphonyAI to transform the public sector enterprise, delivering insights and predictive analytics for large data sets, helping to reduce costs, control waste, and provide efficiencies.

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Pre-packed AI solutions deliver cutting-edge expert analysis to mission-critical national security systems operating in the most demanding environments around the world.

Public Sector

Public Sector SOLUTIONS

IT Optimization
Operations and Maintenance
Project Management
Supply Chain & Logistics Optimization
Predictive Analytics
Program Health Forecasting


Shared Predictive AI Models
New Risk and Attack Discovery
Predictive Alerts and Recommendations
Process and Workflow Orchesration
AI Integration, Adoption, Inferencing
Graph ML


Topological Data Analysis
AutoML and Explainable AI
Supervised and Unsupervised ML
Data and Model Management
Low / No-Code Application Development


Citizen Services
Data Lake
Electronic Health Records & Billing

Rapidly pinpoint previously unseen cybersecurity threats, including external attacks, fraud, and insider threats.


Improvements in healthcare through optimized patient care and clinical variation management, next-generation AI-based imaging, and accelerated drug discovery and treatment.


IT asset life cycle management and optimization, and operations management for server, network, and application monitoring to drive efficiencies and improved end-user experience.


Predictive maintenance and asset management for higher equipment availability, improved resource efficiencies and safety, and reduced costs.


Intelligent, AI-based program management and insights using unsupervised machine learning to identify potential trouble areas and facilitate interdiction and remediation.


Identify complex sequences of events that impact supply chain and logistics operations and provide forecasting insights to optimize readiness.


Explainable AI that simplifies production use of models without bias which are easier to build and sustain than traditional ML models. Find complex patterns and anomalies quickly in any dataset.


Improve program forecasting of schedule and cost well beyond what is provided via Earned Value Management.


Government and Defense Platform

SymphonyAI solutions are built on a comprehensive platform optimized for rapid time to value across a broad set of public sector organizations.




reduction in sensor false positive alerts for increased military aircraft availability


years of service to the US Department of Defense


DoD acquisitions monitored with financial services technology


data scientists serving SymphonyAI customers