SxConnect 2019

In today’s world, the number of face-to-face meetings is decreasing due to lack of time and distance, but also because there are more efficient ways to communicate today. But proper channels must first be created, so more than ever before, retailers and industry need efficient communication tools to better communicate with each other, within the organization, and with the customer.

For its first event in the GS1 Knowledge Center in Cologne, our new partner Strategix invited to speak and present about mobile collaboration, planogramming and implementation in the store. During this 30mn conference, our team will present retail and store professionals how our mobile solutions for the store can help them to streamline operations and improve productivity at the fingertips.

Session details

Title: Filialmanagement 2.0
Date: 8-May-2019
Time: 10 am – 5 pm
Venue: GS1 Germany, Maarweg 133 (Directions via Stollberger Straße 108), 50825 Cologne
Location: Main Conference room