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We are pleased to speak again at this year’s Global Summit in Singapore. At the Summit, join SymphonyAI’s Dr Pallab Chatterjee on Wednesday 13th June as he addresses the requirement for a 360 view of the customer.

If you are joining this year’s summit, we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you.

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Dr. Pallab Chatterjee – Customer360 Insights – The Key Foundation for Enabling Artificial Intelligence in Retail

Speaker session, Wednesday 13th June:

Session 1 – 10:00-10:50

Session 2 – 12:00-12:50


Dr. Pallab ChatterjeeDr. Pallab Chatterjee is Chairman and CEO, SymphonyAI. Prior to joining, Dr. Chatterjee was CEO of i2 Technologies, Inc. where he earlier held the role of President of Solutions Operations. Before joining i2, he spent 24 years at Texas Instruments in various executive management positions. Dr. Chatterjee also serves on the board of directors for SSC, Teleca and MSC Software. Dr. Chatterjee received his Bachelor degree from IIT-Kharagpur, India and a Master’s and Doctorate degree in electrical engineering from University of Illinois.


Artificial Intelligence holds phenomenal promise for everyone in retail beyond anything we’ve seen before. But AI can only be as good as the data it is fed. A 360-degree view of customers is key to getting the best out of AI, and delivering intelligent decisions across marketing, merchandising, category management and supply chain. With an AI-enabled, digital assistant you can then respond immediately with deep insights, immersive visualizations and recommended actions. This is a sea change for grocery and high-volume retailers, and their CPG manufacturer partners, and has the imminent potential to significantly transform their business performance.

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