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Financial crime, risk management, and fraud detection and prevention

From the enterprise-grade, AI-enhanced SymphonyAI Sensa-NetReveal Suite through to the agile, AI-led Sensa point solutions, SymphonyAI offers the full spectrum of financial crime solutions that can augment, integrate with, or complete your risk management stack.

Adapt to the dynamic and diverse financial services sector with powerful and flexible solutions in analytics, investigation, integration, security, and cost reduction. Advanced data analytics capabilities provide highly effective detection of anomalous behavior, setting the industry standard for positive/negative detection and false positive reduction.

Specialist solutions for financial services

Regulatory compliance: Solutions for KYC/CDD, watch list management, name screening, AML transaction monitoring, and transaction screening.

Counterfraud: Payment fraud prevention and detection.

Financial markets: An application developed for risk management of financial trading.

Deployment options to suit your organization

Depending on your business architecture, application, and cost requirements, SymphonyAI platform and solutions can be configured and deployed on-premise, in a hybrid-cloud, or full-cloud scenario.

We can also provide a managed service for regulatory compliance and fraud solutions.

Fully cloud managed solution services

Incorporates all features and capabilities plus advanced analytics processing, big data deployments, and managed analytics for relevant applications.

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Elevate your security and compliance while advancing digital transformation with our leading solutions for AML, KYC/CDD, and watch list management.


Reduce costs, safeguard your reputation, and meet regulatory compliance obligations with AI-powered solutions driving innovation and value.

Financial markets

Quickly respond to evolving regulations, competitive challenges, and emerging market prospects with informed, AI-powered decision-making.

Private banking and wealth management

Optimize investigator efficiency with solutions designed for high net-worth clients and high-value transaction environments.

Compliance and AML can no longer be relegated to the ‘tick box’ category. Regulators and institutions around the globe have recognized that innovative technologies and advanced analytics are central to coping with the rapid evolution of financial crime.”

Julie Conroy Research Director, Aite Group

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