Innovating the Service Portal with Generative AI


The webinar featuring Phyllis Drucker and Jason Yeary focused on leveraging generative AI to enhance service management workflows. Phyllis Drucker emphasized the importance of automating processes such as onboarding and identity access management to improve efficiency and security. She highlighted the potential of generative AI to handle routine IT tasks, enhance user experience, and ensure robust security measures. Jason Yeary discussed the recent release of the Enterprise Copilot at HDI, which utilizes OpenAI’s large language model specifically built for service management workflows. This copilot integrates with ITSM platforms to provide generative AI responses to various inquiries, accessing service requests, incidents, and other resources like ASR, facilities teams, SharePoint, and employee handbooks. Jason also emphasized the security aspect, noting that the copilot uses a tenant-based approach to keep data secure within the client’s environment. The webinar covered practical applications of AI in improving end-user processes, from technical support to general inquiries, demonstrating how AI can provide efficient, secure, and personalized solutions. Watch the on-demand webinar to know more.

External Speaker: Phyllis Ducker, Developer and Trainer: Innovating the Service Portal

Internal speaker: Jason Yeary, Sr. Solutions Consultant, SymphonyAI

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