with powerful
AI capabilities

Augment detection engines to immediately enhance your understanding of entities and risk detection


Intelligent alerts

Advanced analysis goes beyond rules to distinguish genuine risks from false positives, reducing overall alerts while identifying more credible threats.

Identify undetected risk

Uncover suspicious activity that your TMS has missed with advanced AI that detects complex anomalies in transactions.

Enable fast decision-making

Investigators are guided by intuitive diagrams and extensive reference data points making decision-making quick and defendable.

Increase efficiencies

Streamline operations, automate manual tasks, and provide a holistic view of risk, for improved efficiency and faster investigations.

Augment AML with incredible results

  • 60%

    Fewer false positives

  • 30%

    More SAR-worthy risks detected

  • 81x

    Improvement in risk-alert ratio

Realize value quickly

Seamless integration with your existing setup makes deployment fast and painless.

Scale with ease

Designed to scale and adapt to your enterprise deployment needs with complete flexibility.

Leverage your existing data

Visualize hidden risk patterns within your data using the power of machine learning.

Keep regulators happy

Compliance is made simple with model transparency meeting or exceeding requirements for explainability in all major jurisdictions globally.

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