Upgrade sanctions screening with AI

Introducing SensaAI, a platform-agnostic “AI upgrade” for any sanctions solution. It dramatically impacts sanctions evasion efforts by optimizing match accuracy with deep, context-aware AI-based matching algorithms.

Introducing SymphonyAI financial services

Introducing SymphonyAI financial services

Charmian Simmons gives an introduction to the end-to-end risk and compliance ecosystem that SymphonyAI offers.

SymphonyAI Financial Services shortlisted for ICA Compliance Award

SymphonyAI financial services shortlisted for ICA Compliance Award

Partnering with Absa Group, SymphonyAI has been shortlisted for Technology Partner of the Year

AI and Big Data: A Force for Good

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AI for financial services

Sensa Investigation Hub

The investigation force multiplier​

​Consolidate your enterprise-wide risk and compliance tech stack and get a single, entity-centric view across AML, KYC/CDD​, Screening and Payment Fraud.

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Sensa Copilot

Accelerate investigations by 70% with Sensa Copilot​

Arm every investigator with a generative AI-powered assistant that can source, analyze, and summarize data at scale in just a few seconds.​

An AI-assistant across every risk domain

Wherever the investigation takes them, Sensa Copilot is there to help. Ask questions and get informed answers, empowering investigators to make faster, more informed decisions.​

Improve investigator consistency with recommended actions​

Guide investigators with defined actions that Sensa Copilot will automatically present to ensure key tasks are being completed. ​

AI-curated web search on demand

Investigator searches are ranked for relevance with summaries generated for each result, improving search effectiveness in a fraction of the time.

Fully integrated disclosures​

Sensa Copilot generates detailed report narratives in seconds, enabling faster, higher quality disclosures and ensuring SAR quality assurance.​

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Unify your tech stack, tear down silos, and accelerate investigations​

100% detection agnostic

Including any internal or third-party data to give investigators a truly holistic view of customer risk.​

Limitless scalability​

Sensa Investigation Hub effortlessly scales to match your needs, ensuring complete operational agility.

Highly configurable​

For any use-case, business unit or asset class, reducing complexity and streamlining operations.

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Upcoming events and webinars

6.4.2024 Industry event

Money20/20 Europe

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6.5.2024 Industry event

23rd Annual Canadian Forum on Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime

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6.11.2024 Industry event

1LOD Breakfast: New York

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Industry and analyst recognition

ICA Compliance Awards Finalist 2024: Technology Partner of the Year

The Finnies 2024 for Excellence in RegTech, Finalist

Chartis Gen AI Initiatives Award 2024

2024 PayTech Awards Finalist, AI Tech Of The Future

‘Celent, xCelent AML Transaction Monitoring report, 2023’, Luminary

Forrester Wave AML Money Laundering Solutions 2022: Leader​

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