End User Dashboard

Complete comprehensive details in a single intuitive interface.

End User Dashboard


Easy identification and improve overall visibility

Efficiently manage allocated assets, make decisions on asset acceptance or rejection, and access comprehensive asset details – all within a single, intuitive dashboard.



Empower end-users to take control of their asset-related tasks.


Foster a sense of ownership & accountability of assets.


Maintain transparency of assets allocated & owned by user.


Allow users to access & manage assets enhancing user satisfaction.

Use cases


Users often lack visibility into the assets they own, making it challenging to track and manage their assets effectively.


  • Display allocated assets on the end user dashboard, including details like asset name, category, and location.
  • Allow users to view their assets based on asset type. 
  • Insights on utilization & categorization promote asset optimization.


End users often receive asset allocation notifications but need a straightforward way to accept or reject the assigned assets.


  • Implement clear action buttons for users to accept or reject allocated assets directly from the dashboard.
  • Include confirmation prompts to ensure accurate responses.
  • Provide a quick status update on the acceptance or rejection for user acknowledgment.


Users may encounter discrepancies in their asset inventory, requiring a means to reconcile and update asset information.


  • Integrate a user-friendly reconciliation feature allowing users to verify and update asset details.
  • Include options for users to report any discrepancies or changes in asset condition.
  • Implement automated notifications to inform relevant stakeholders about reconciliation actions.