Digital Agent

Turn every conversation into an exceptional experience

Resolve issues faster, improve productivity and save costs with the power of AI.

Anytime, anywhere availability

Offer an unparalleled level of support with the AI-powered SymphonyAI Digital Agent available 24/7 so employees can access excellent service anytime, anywhere.

Self-service experience

Deliver employees an engaging self-service experience and empower them to solve problems independently. The SymphonyAI Digital Agent understands the context of user intent and utilizes machine reasoning to determine the best course of action.

Saving millions

By automatically resolving 30 – 40% of service requests, the AI-powered SymphonyAI Digital Agent drives significant cost savings for your organization. Reduce operational expenses, improve efficiency, and achieve better business value by automating routine tasks and freeing up resources.

Improved agent productivity

The SymphonyAI Digital Agent efficiently handles and resolves L1 issues, so your human agents can focus on high-impact work that requires their expertise.

Key Digital Agent capabilities

Advanced natural language understanding (NLU)

Understand the context of customer queries and extract meaningful information.

Service desk intelligence

Automatically assign incidents and service request to the right workgroup or agent.

Live agent transfer

Route users to live analysts for issues that need expert’s intervention.


Streamline your digital agent development process from a single console.

Conversational studio

Configure and manage SymphonyAI Digital Agent with a no-code approach.

Multi-channel support

Let your customers engage through the messaging platform of their choice.

Multi-tenant support

Deploy Digital Agents across the enterprise in any department.


Out of the box integration with Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Jabber.

Third party API integration

Integrate with any API and automate tasks freeing users to focus on complex tasks.

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