40 + Integrations

Automate actions and workflows with 40 + integrations.

40 + service automation integrations HDSS


Reduced dependency and manual efforts, Reduced human errors.

Establish connections with an extensive array of third-party tools and services. Enhance the platform’s capabilities and flexibility, empowering users to automate a diverse range of tasks and workflows with ease.



Facilitate seamless data exchange and process automation.


Easily adapt to changes in technology & industry standards.


Empower businesses by Integrating with diverse set of tools. 


Improve customer experience by enabling smoother interactions.

Use cases

Scenario: User Creation in Active Directory

An admin team faces the challenge of efficiently managing user creation in Microsoft Active Directory. To streamline this process, they initiate a Service Request, which triggers the Service Automation application integrated with Active Directory. This seamless integration ensures the swift execution of workflows associated with user creation, automating tasks such as profile setup, permission assignments, and security compliance. This not only lightens the workload for the admin team but also guarantees accuracy and consistency in user onboarding, showcasing the power of service automation in optimizing operational efficiency.

Scenario: VM Provisioning in Oracle Cloud 

In a time-sensitive scenario, a user swiftly initiates Oracle Cloud VM provisioning by logging a Service Request, activating the seamlessly integrated Service Automation application. This accelerates VM setup based on user-provided details, simultaneously enhancing security by adding the new VM to the Network Security Group. A prompt notification is sent to the user, providing necessary credentials. This streamlined process showcases automation’s efficiency in meeting urgent user demands while ensuring a secure computing environment. 

Scenario: Software Installation Using Intune

In the vast landscape of a large organization, the integration of the Service Automation application with Microsoft Intune became a game-changer. When an employee wanted to install new software, they simply raised a Service Request, providing software details. With minimal human input, the Service Automation engine smoothly gets kicked in, effortlessly installing the software through the Asset Agent process. This integration made software installation quick and easy with just a few clicks. 



Get real-time visibility into the progress of tasks and processes.


Ensure consistent process execution & reduction of errors.


Ensure efficient task execution & improved productivity.


Ensure flexibility in workflow modification for business needs.