Powered by Digital Agent

Effectively automate tasks and workflows by harnessing the power of AI automation.

Powered by Digital Agent


Increased efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Evoke the intelligence of Digital Agents, optimize, and simplify entire processes and workflows.



Minimize errors & enhance overall operational efficiency.


Provide a competitive edge by staying ahead of industry.


Scale to accommodate increased volumes of Service Requests.


Drive profitability with enhanced efficiency & productivity.

Use cases

Scenario: Shared Folder Access 

Sarah, leading a new project, strives to grant all team members access to the shared folder for deliverables. She compiles a list specifying roles and the need for read-write access, initiating a service request through a Digital Agent. This triggers the Service Automation engine, which efficiently executes work orders, providing necessary access to the shared folder. Importantly, the Digital Agent autonomously raises a service request with minimal human input, displaying its streamlined and proactive capabilities. 

Scenario: Employee Offboarding

An employee decides to resign from her position. Once the reporting manager approves, the Offboarding process commences. The HR manager actively initiates offboarding by utilizing a Digital Agent to raise a service request, furnishing the necessary employee details like departure date, reason for leaving, and employee ID. This service request activates the Service Automation engine, executing work orders to remove the employee from the Security group, Exchange, and Active Directory

Scenario: Software installation 

An employee at a large organization initiates the installation of new software on his computer for a project requirement. He raises a Service Request through a Digital Agent, providing crucial software details. The Digital Agent independently triggers the Service Request with minimal human intervention, activating the Service Automation engine. Following the Asset Agent installation process, the engine successfully installs the software. Upon completion of the installation, the Service Request is marked as Resolved.