Widgets and Actions

Elevate user interaction and system functionality.

Widgets and Actions


Promote data accessibility and productivity.

Widgets and Actions facilitate tasks such as exporting records to PDFs, sending emails, and establishing linking options all of which streamline workflows and enhance productivity.



Streamlines tasks, saves time, and boosts productivity & efficiency.


Displays easy access to critical information for better decision-making.


Displays accessible tools and boosts autonomy for issue resolution.


Offers a user-friendly interface with interactive elements.

Use cases


An IT support analyst receives a request related to a specific asset and needs to access all relevant records associated with that asset.


  • Analyst can access the asset within the asset management system.
  • Navigate to the ‘links’ section on the asset. 
  • Analysts can then access all relevant records associated, including incidents, service requests, and maintenance logs.


An asset manager is tasked with conducting a compliance audit to track changes and actions performed on critical assets.


  • The asset manager can access the asset for which audit trail is required.
  • Navigate to ‘audit trail’ action. 
  • Analyst can then generate a comprehensive report detailing changes, updates, and user interactions specific to the asset.


A service desk technician needs to notify end users about a system update that requires a reboot.


  • Analyst can first locate the asset within the asset management application. 
  • Access the ‘send email’ action.
  • Create and send customized notifications to stakeholders, providing important information whenever necessary.