Sensa Investigation Hub

Supercharge investigators

Achieve higher quality investigations in a fraction of the time with Sensa Copilot

Interactive demo

Take a tour of Sensa Investigation Hub’s Sensa Copilot with an interactive demo.

sensa copilot interactive demo

An AI-assistant across every risk domain

Wherever the investigation takes them, the Sensa Copilot is there to help. Ask questions and get informed answers, empowering investigators to make faster, more informed decisions.

Improve investigator consistency with recommended actions

Guide investigators with defined actions that the Sensa Copilot will automatically present to ensure key tasks are being completed.

Improve investigator consistency with recommended actions

AI-curated web search on demand

Investigator searches are ranked for relevance with summaries generated for each result, improving search effectiveness and speed.

AI-curated web search on demand

Discover more features and functionality of the Sensa Investigation Hub

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Solution benefits

Subject-centric view of risk

Centralize and connect data from across your tech ecosystem for a truly holistic view.

Gen AI powered investigation

Sensa Copilot enables investigations to be up to 70% faster and more consistent.

Detection engine agnostic

Seamlessly integrate with any third-party detection system or data source.

Achieve total transparency

Completely auditable workflows and superior explainability ensure enhanced compliance