Manufacturing Analytics

Advanced industrial analytics for process manufacturing

Achieve true operational excellence with out-of-the-box, domain-informed, advanced analytics through powerful, streamlined interfaces.

Real-time monitoring and data dashboards

Drive plant performance

Improve transparency with real-time and accurate operational metrics that improve uptime, yield, quality, efficiency, safety, and environmental performance.

Proactively mitigate risks and bottlenecks

Advanced analysis of real-time data with AI/ML engines to predict adverse conditions with root-causes and mitigative actions to de-risk your operations.

Institutionalize data-driven decision making

Consolidate data sources, create intuitive dashboards, deliver alerts, and access decision tracking, all in flexible analytics tools.

Continuous operational improvements


Connect to any industrial data source with a framework that is designed to support the unique needs of preprocessing and contextualizing manufacturing data.


Create automated pipelines that transform data into cleansed and useful features for advanced analytics.


Out-of-the-box analysis engines and rich domain knowledge libraries for advanced analysis give your experts the ease and flexibility required to predict issues, find root-causes, and come up with proactive solutions in everyday operations.


World-class presentation and collaboration capabilities to drive data-driven decision making across the enterprise.

Industrial Copilots with generative AI

Transform the way you interact with your plant data with the world’s most powerful, most explainable, and most trustworthy Industrial Copilot. Ask questions about any data in your enterprise, generate visualizations, forecasts, inferences, and reports with natural language prompts in your language.

Manufacturing Analytics features

Real-time KPI monitoring

Never get caught blindsided about your operations with KPIs calculated in real-time and alerts delivered to the right people along with contextual information in a single-pane.

Built-in physics and engineering calculations

Pre-built, industry-specific physical models and calculations help you enrich your data and produce immediately useful, high-value insights.

Advanced AI/ML engines

Automatically analyze the root-cause of issues or even predict events before they occur using state-of-the-art deep learning and generative AI engines.

Built for enterprise-wide collaboration

Eliminate bottlenecks and communication gaps through frictionless collaboration features and integrations.

Fully configurable and self-service

Do it your way when it comes to data pipelines to dashboards and everything in between.

Trusted industry leader

KPI 360™ Identified as a Best New Software Product of 2023​
2023 Best Practices Award

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Track what’s important and gain insights from the hidden data behind your product execution process.

Unite trusted technology with cutting-edge AI.

Connect deskless workers with step-by-step instructions and inspections.

Manufacturing solutions for your industry

Oil and Gas

Prescriptive analytics for critical assets, systems, and processes.


Advanced AI for critical assets and processes.


Vision inspection and quality augmented with AI


AI-enabled production batch optimization and quality.


Improve operational excellence, quality, and compliance.


Maximize output and guarantee product quality and safety.


Ensure optimal assembly line functioning and resolve issues quickly and effectively.


Meet compliance regulations, manage safety risks, and operate efficiently