Pharmaceutical industry

Connect your deskless workers to ensure that things are done “first time right”

Improve operational excellence, quality and compliance by connecting your deskless workers with step-by-step work instructions and inspections on mobile and wearable devices.

A lab technician in protective gear uses a tablet to monitor processes in a industrial manufacturing environment.

Manufacturing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

Lab inspections, including 5S/5M

Guide inspectors with step-by-step inspection instructions, dynamically checking the specific infrastructure, equipment and processes of each laboratory.

Line clearance inspections with smart glasses

Providing line clearance inspectors with the right information at the right time while keeping their hands free for the inspection, assures the inspection is done right. The automatic and traceable logs of all execution details are the basis of a 100% compliance.

Line cleaning and changeover instructions

Step-by-step guidance of a complex line changeover workflow, improves the efficiency and standardization of the work done and improves the line OEE.

Benefits and use cases

Instant validation

Paper is unresponsive and allows to record invalid values without any correcting mechanism. With a workflow-based connected worker solution, there are numerous ways to circumvent this problem. Input controls or validations can be embedded.

Full traceability of all execution details

When a workflow or inspection is executed on a mobile device, all execution data are automatically and in real-time stored on the platform. Execution details can be consulted on individual level for compliance reasons, or at aggregated level for process excellence improvement reasons.

Always the right version

Operators only have access to one version of the workflow at the time of execution. Once published on the admin portal, every connected worker in the company uses the same version. The audit trail mechanism automatically records the version that was used to execute the workflow.

Conditional workflow paths

Workflow editor functionality that allows you to determine which specific tasks the operator should do, depending on the situation at hand.

Integration API

Module enabling a bi-directional connection with ERP/MES/LIMS/CMMS and QMS.

Workflow execution with smart glasses

Instructions and inspections can be executed entirely hands-free with our Proceedix application on AR smart glasses.

Issue escalation mechanism

Workflow mechanism enabling the operator or inspector to escalate an issue to the right team in “a click” with full execution traceability.

Workflow execution with ATEX devices

Proceedix instructions and inspections can be executed with any Windows, Android or iOS tablet, phone or ATEX device.

IoT card

Workflow feature to display smart sensor information in any task of an instruction or inspection.