Energy industry

Advanced AI for critical assets and processes

Leverage proven solutions in across use cases to provide your customers with zero interruptions at the lowest cost, using advanced AI solutions.

Manufacturing solutions for the energy industry

Predictive and prescriptive asset health monitoring

Get early warnings of potential failures, with contextualized action recommendations to improve the health of your assets, optimize performance and reduce risk to help your top and bottom line.

Real-time operations monitoring and diagnostics

No stale data, no lagging metrics, no looking back. Get insight into your critical operations and assets, take action and report it, and manage your operations across sites and regions.

AI-power your business

SymphonyAI’s Eureka AI platform accelerates your digital transformation through data collection, orchestration, analysis and visualization. AI-power your business with the best-in-class products for the energy industry.


Rapid time-to-value

The world is changing and energy markets are evolving at a rapid pace. Experimenting with solutions costs time and money. SymphonyAI helps the world’s largest companies help realize value in days or weeks by using AI-driven solutions.

Democratize AI

With no-code, self-service model building, leverage the knowledge and experience of your teams in enhancing their work with the use of AI. We provide the data science tools to build and deploy AI-models, and customize our available templates to suit your operations and nuances.

Accelerate your sustainability journey

Combine advanced AI-models, with first principles, to monitor and accelerate your journey to meeting your mission-critical sustainability goals. Use out-of-the-box models and templates to invest time in improving your operations, not on identifying the problem.