Industrial Knowledge Graph

Transform data into knowledge

SymphonyAI’s Industrial Knowledge Graph is an innovative solution designed to empower an organization’s data exploration journey. With Knowledge Graph, one can quickly discover patterns and insights across billions of data points deeply and efficiently.

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Elevating data into actionable intelligence

The transition from raw data to a comprehensive knowledge graph involves integrating machine-generated and non-machine data sources. Tags are applied to establish an asset structure representation as the foundation, while a unified namespace is established to harmonize information from disparate origins. The knowledge graph then evolves through outcome-based layers, creating a holistic and structured knowledge repository.

Knowledge Graph


Data discovery and catalog

Allows easy discovery and access to relevant data, promoting data accessibility and reducing the time spent searching for information.

Deep contextualized insights

Uncovers hidden patterns and dependencies in industrial data, fostering a better understanding of complex systems and processes.

Intuitive data exploration and visualization

Interacts with data in a way that is easy to understand, facilitating data-driven decision-making and insights through charts, graphs, and other visual representations.

Data governance and lineage

Records and traces data sources, transformations, and usage, ensuring data quality, compliance, and accountability. This capability is crucial for maintaining data integrity and regulatory adherence in industrial settings.

Unlocking the potential of graph data models in manufacturing

Industrial Knowledge Graph combines data seamlessly, unlocking the potential for superior predictions, insightful inferences, and informed decision-making. This comprehensive solution encompasses integrated graph storage, physics, machine learning, advanced analytics, and dynamic visualization—all backed by enterprise-grade security controls. With these indispensable tools, one can confidently expand operations without limitations, exploring a new era of data-driven excellence.

Harnessing the Knowledge Graph edge

Graphs stand out as the optimal choice for handling interconnected data and intricate queries, as relationships form the fundamental structure of the data model. Industrial Knowledge graphs introduce an extra layer of context to enrich these connections.

Unifying data sources

Connecting and contextualizing diverse data structures and formats for improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Comprehensive insight

A panoramic view of data, processes, products, customers, and ecosystems to enhance efficiency and strengthen security.

Streamlined operations

Enhancing efficiency by automating critical functions, surfacing risks, enforcing dependencies, and ensuring compliance.

Robust governance and compliance

Tracking data across its entire lifecycle, from source to consumption, builds trust and maximizes the value of data management.

Better predictions

Identifying highly predictive relationships for analytics and machine learning models, enabling more informed predictions and choices.

Collaborative decision-making

Collaborate across functions to make more informed and effective decisions.

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More than just data; it’s the intricate weave of insights, information, and expertise that drives informed decision-making.

Ease of integration

The platform enables users to effortlessly integrate their systems through universal cloud compatibility, allowing deployment in their preferred cloud environment or on-site, ensuring adherence to stringent data security standards. It offers a seamless deployment experience without the need for infrastructure, coupled with tailored cloud management services that guide users in choosing the optimal solution, be it in their data centers or Virtual Private Cloud settings. Additionally, users have the flexibility to take complete control by self-hosting the Knowledge Graph, unlocking boundless potential in their chosen location.

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