Performance and Reliability

Proactively monitor assets to drive optimal performance and reliability

Achieve optimal asset performance and uptime with the world’s most advanced domain-informed AI analysis and real-time asset health monitoring solution.

Real-time, scalable monitoring

Wholistically monitor asset health

Complete visibility into the mechanical and process health of your machines through real-time analytics that use all types of data available in your plant.

Maximize uptime and prevent unplanned downtime

Automated early warnings using AI and physics analysis highlight impending issues. Drive precise and proactive maintenance action with a unique failure mode library and contextualized historical events.

Optimize throughput and control production costs

Forecast and optimize plant operations with deep learning digital twins that continuously adapt to plant conditions and provide setpoint advisories in real-time.

Eliminate knowledge silos

Consolidate and contextualize multiple sources of vibration data, process data, maintenance records, and historical reports to get the most comprehensive picture of asset health.

Achieve maximum uptime

  • 10 – 30%

    Improved productivity

  • 20 – 50%

    Reduction in unplanned downtime

  • 1 – 5%

    Increased yield

A wholistic APM strategy is critical

So far, most companies have failed to unlock the true potential of their data by resorting to solving local problems rather than having a global APM strategy.

This exacerbates the problems of knowledge silos and lack of seamless integration between different data and analytics systems. Symphony AI’s wholistic APM strategy helps organizations unlock value across the value-chain at scale.

Cutting-edge DataOps and MLOps

Establish a contextualized source-of-truth for IT and OT data across facilities and functions.

Rapid data contextualization, integration, validation, and governance made easy. A complete no-code workbench to empower SMEs to explore, build, validate, deploy, and scale advanced analytics models.

Generative AI

Industrial Copilots

Transform the way you interact with your plant data with the world’s most powerful, most explainable, and most trustworthy Industrial Copilot. Ask questions about any data in your enterprise, generate visualizations, forecasts, inferences, and reports with natural language prompts in your language.

Performance and Reliability features

Advanced early-warning system

Multi-modal anomaly detection with cutting-edge deep learning AI combines vibration data, process data, documents, and images to detect incipient issues and generate warnings at the early stages of a mechanical or performance problem.

Automatic root-cause and advisories

State-of-the-art machine reasoning engines that use built-in machine and process physics automatically analyze data patterns to determine possible root-causes and mitigative actions.

Comprehensive asset model library with failure modes

Accelerate time-to-value with SymphonyAI’s pre-built asset model library that cuts setup time for a new model from days to a few minutes. Models also come with possible failure-modes and patterns already defined for over 85% of industrial assets.

Fully self-service and configurable

Use intuitive no-code user interfaces to manage everything from asset model definition to data transformation, processing, and visualization. Managing AI models can be done with a few clicks – no need to be a data scientist or engineer.

Core capabilities

Predictive maintenance, asset health management, predictive forecasting, performance metrics and reporting, performance optimization, and collaboration and communication.


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