Process industry

Ensure optimal functioning of installations, maximize output, and guarantee product quality and safety.

A worker in a yellow hard hat peers intently at machinery, indicating focused inspection or adjustment.


In order to ensure that things are done “first time right”, thousands of Standard Operating Procedures and Work Instructions are created and distributed throughout the organization. Each of these documents provide a step-by-step description of how a process or activity should be done. Unfortunately, documents are fine for reading at a desk, but hardly usable while working. While these documents are created with the best intentions, no one really knows whether they are truly followed as there is no execution trace.

Our solution

Proceedix is a digital inspection and instruction workflow execution platform. The core of our system is not a form but a workflow specifying each task of an instruction or inspection and indicating how it should be done right. Each time a workflow is performed, every step of the process is logged in a unique execution report.

The Proceedix platform has various features particularly designed to cope with typical instruction and inspection execution requirements in process industries.

Typical use cases of Proceedix in the process industry include:

  • Line cleaning and changeover instructions
  • Product and line safety controls such as metal detection checks
  • Transport loading and unloading instructions for dangerous goods
  • Team leader “walk the floor” activity
  • Sample collection and processing instructions
  • Periodical asset inspections
  • Audit, including food processing, 5S, GMP, and more

Use cases

Conditional workflow paths

Workflow editor functionality that allows you to determine which specific tasks the operator should do, depending on the situation at hand.

Integration API

Module enabling a bi-directional connection of Proceedix with ERP/MES/LIMS/CMMS.

Dynamic inspection tolerances

Workflow feature allowing you to define dynamic tolerances on operator input values, depending on the product or asset inspected.

Issue escalation mechanism

Workflow mechanism enabling the operator or inspector to escalate an issue to the right team in “a click” with full execution traceability.

Workflow execution with ATEX devices

Proceedix instructions and inspections can be executed with any Windows, Android, or iOS ATEX tablet, phone, or smart glasses.

IoT card

Workflow feature to display smart sensor information in any task of an instruction or inspection.