Semiconductor industry

Vision inspection and quality augmented with AI

Manufacturing solutions for the semiconductor industry

Vision inspection

Machine vision software offers microscopic inspection of semiconductor products with connectors to a wide-range of optical inspection systems and camera devices. Rich information captured by the vision system—augmented with AI—becomes a real-time proactive part of the production line process. Pre-built vision inspection templates offer rapid set-up, training and deployment into production.

Real-time quality assessment

The semiconductor industry benefits from anomaly detection and prediction by monitoring production quality in real-time with automated defect detection, production unit health scores, alerts and notifications. AI models combine live image data with operating data for accurate defect classification and sorting.

AI optimization of production

Semiconductor manufacturers get peak performance thanks to deep learning AI models layered with image AI for quality forecasting and pre-cursor detection. Real-time process optimization advisories run semiconductor production close to golden batch conditions, while providing automated model re-training for anomaly detection, forecasts, soft-sensing, and optimization.

Lot traceability

A crucial component in semiconductor manufacturing, lot traceability ensures end-to-end visibility and accountability throughout the production process. By meticulously tracking and documenting each lot’s production journey, from materials to final output, SymphonyAI empowers manufacturers to swiftly identify, isolate, and rectify any issues, enhancing efficiency, quality, and compliance.


Improved quality

Get a significant increase in vision inspection accuracy – of up to 90% or more – compared to manual inspection methods, made possible by automated defect detection and classification systems.

Increased efficiency

Boost efficiency through automated fault detection, enhancing operations, accountability, and decision speed. Gain visibility into manufacturing, streamlining maintenance, and benefit from integrated production lines with optical inspections for better manufacturing decisions.

Cost savings

Experience multi-million-dollar savings in inspection labor and scrap prevention. Benefit from extended life of assets and equipment. And save on maintenance costs and machine downtime by predicting and isolating industrial equipment that is out of calibration.

Enhanced compliance

Lot traceability offers manufacturers the ability to track and trace the entire production process of semiconductor lots, enabling swift issue identification and resolution, leading to enhanced quality control and compliance with industry standards.