Seamlessly link systems, streamline operations, and unlock insights

The growing need for reliable and efficient cloud-based data connectors is a clear trend in today’s rapidly changing industrial landscape. As industries undergo continuous transformation, data connectors serve a vital role in connecting systems, enabling smooth data integration, and improving overall operational efficiency. These connectors go beyond geographical boundaries and communication challenges, helping businesses achieve better outcomes and productivity, marking a new era of connectivity in industrial operations.

Unlocking the potential of data

In today’s data-driven industrial environment, there’s a pressing need for versatile solutions to harness the full potential of data. With seamless connections to a variety of data sources, real-time data transformations, scalability, robust security, and precise error handling, the SymphonyAI Industrial Connector empowers businesses to optimize data utilization and streamline operations.

Effortless connections can be established with a wide range of industrial assets, including PLCs, DCS, SCADA, Historians, sensors, and ERPs, utilizing pre-configured drivers that minimize the need for extensive programming.

Data source compatibility (data type, protocols, etc.)
Real-time and batch data transformation
Enhanced security
Precise error handling

The SymphonyAI edge

Single unified data set (unified namespace)

The SymphonyAI Data Connector seamlessly integrates and consolidates data from various sources into a single, unified namespace, simplifying user data management and access.

Data connectors for various industrial protocols

A set of prebuilt data connectors that are lightweight and easy to deploy connects to a wide range of assets and historians using standard industrial protocols such as OPC UA/DA, MQTT, Modbus, Ethernet/IP, etc.

Tunnellers provide easy-to-configure, secure, and robust networking for data protocols

SymphonyAI’s tunnellers offer a hassle-free and secure solution for configuring and managing data protocols, ensuring reliable and robust networking for industrial processes.

Inherently secure

The SymphonyAI Data Connector is designed with inherent security measures, ensuring closed access to the users’ operational technology (OT) environment and safeguarding critical data and systems.