Smart Manufacturing Platform

Comprehensive tracking and visibility of operations data

A worker in a hard hat and safety vest uses a laptop on a walkway overlooking a large industrial plant.
Seamless business visibility and insights

Gain comprehensive and real-time visibility into your operations, enabling smarter decisions and enhanced performance across every aspect of your organization. Eliminate knowledge silos and unlock the power of all latent data.

Predictive power from component to enterprise

Experience the predictive power that spans from individual components to entire enterprises. Our smart manufacturing platform harnesses data insights to predict bottlenecks, optimize performance, boost efficiency, and drive success at every level of your business.

Effortless integration with our extensibility layer

Offers limitless connectivity, contextualization and historization to your plant floor. Our Knowledge Fabric Layer translates data into actionable insights by marrying it with process automation using a unified name space. Highly scalable event-based system uncovers performance blind spots.

Smart Manufacturing platform


Manufacturing Operations Management

Built on a composable, workflow-driven application architecture which enables organizations to turn on and implement only the operational processes they need, thus reducing the time-to-value as compared to traditional MES solutions.

Asset Performance Management

Achieve peak performance and unwavering reliability by proactively monitoring your manufacturing assets. Leverages trusted technology alongside state-of-the-art AI to offer a resilient and adaptable solution for real-time industrial asset performance monitoring. Foresees potential issues, but also identifies root causes and offers actionable recommendations for remedial actions.

Quality Management

Vision-based AI inspection improves manufacturing accuracy with image acquisition and deep learning analytics. It takes full advantage of the advances in AI and parallel computing. This groundbreaking technology goes beyond detection of visual information by providing actional insights to improve quality, yield and cycle time.

Extensibility layer contextualization

Provides contextualization through our business process, event processor, and service broker synergistically to transform your manufacturing plant floor’s raw data into dynamic, actionable insights. By seamlessly integrating and interpreting data from various operational touchpoints, we create a comprehensive narrative that accelerates decision-making processes and operational accountability. The result is a manufacturing process driven forward by predictive analytics, enhanced productivity, reduced downtime, and overall increased operational efficiency.

Extensibility layer connectivity

IIoT Gateway, coupled with an extensive array of pre-built connectors, allow for rapid and seamless integration across all your industrial devices and systems. It transcends geographical and technological boundaries, providing a unified operational interface which paves the way for everything, everywhere in your manufacturing plant to be interconnected, fostering real-time data exchange, optimal operational efficiency, and ultimately smart manufacturing.

Centralized deployment

Allows IT administrators to manage and maintain all these services from a single central location. Implementing updates, patches, and configurations can be more straightforward in a centralized deployment.

Deploy and productionize your way


Get faster and more simplified deployments. Ensure high availability and reliability, with minimal downtime. Benefit with managed cloud platform security. Use as much or as little of the platform as you need. Scale according to your needs and bring your own components and analytics.


Benefit from reliable operations with intermittent connectivity. Get data privacy and security with en-prem install. Use as much or as little of the platform as you need. Scale according to your needs and bring your own components and analytics.

Manufacturing solutions for your industry

A panoramic view of an industrial complex with pipelines and refinery structures at sunset.

Oil and Gas

Prescriptive analytics for critical assets, systems, and processes.

Two workers in reflective vests consult a laptop at an oil refinery, discussing operational data.


Advanced AI for critical assets and processes.

A high-tech illustration of microchip production involving advanced robotics and light connectivity.


Vision inspection and quality augmented with AI

An industrial worker holding a helmet gazes towards a large factory, symbolizing oversight or management.


AI-enabled production batch optimization and quality.

A lab technician in protective gear uses a tablet to monitor processes in a industrial manufacturing environment.


Improve operational excellence, quality, and compliance.

A worker in a yellow hard hat peers intently at machinery, indicating focused inspection or adjustment.


Maximize output and guarantee product quality and safety.

A female technician in a blue uniform meticulously assembles components in an industrial manufacturing setting.


Ensure optimal assembly line functioning and resolve issues quickly and effectively.

Two engineers reviewing energy infrastructure plans at dusk with a large electricity pylon in the background.


Meet compliance regulations, manage safety risks, and operate efficiently