Macro Space Planning

Fulfill customer needs and drive sales

Optimize layouts across all store sizes and formats and right-size category space to deliver better customer shopping experiences and store performance.

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Get the Category Space Optimization data sheet
Correctly plan for all store formats.

Maximize assortment performance by allocating optimal category space

Seamless visibility and communication from HQ to the store

Enhance communication and collaboration through better visibility of floor initiatives, tasks, and analyses.

Increase productivity with automation

Streamline retail space planning tasks and reduce labor by automating processes and generating rapid analyses in-store.

Deliver the right category spaces and best shopping experience

Optimize space allocation and streamline communication with store staff for accurate and efficient operations. Macro Space Planning identifies preferred spaces and product categories, enhancing sales, margins, and the overall customer experience.

Rapid, real, relevant results

  • 5%

    average incremental revenue increase by maximizing shelf performance

  • 20%

    increase in customer loyalty

  • 5%

    increase in shelf traffic through optimized store layouts

Every square foot counts – optimize space planning layouts for a maximized customer experience

Category space optimization

Use the power of AI to automatically optimize the entire store layout based on macro space performance and aesthetic metrics, while considering physical restrictions and category-level space elasticity.

Real-time communication

Enable seamless communication by connecting store execution teams directly with relevant HQ categories and floor planners through a notification and alert system.

3D visualization

Optimize space performance with instant 3D visualizations of the performance of any category, aisle, department, or the entire store against relevant KPIs, even in non-planogrammed areas.

Interactive publishing

Automatically generate and deliver interactive floor plans, planograms, and reports into store execution teams’ devices.

Case study

Foodstuffs leverages SymphonyAI Shelf Planning and Planogram capabilities to automate, speed, and effectively customize for their shoppers

A supermarket aisle filled with products, featuring the 'foodstuffs' logo for SymphonyAI Retail/CPG at the forefront.

Store and Space solutions suite

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Intuitive planogramming that seamlessly incorporates category strategy, assortment updates, SKU adjacencies, physical constraints and merchandising guidelines.

Leverage a real-time view of the shelf, using the most advanced AI and computer vision technology, to achieve new levels of compliance, on-shelf availability, and improved store operations.

Seamless link between stores and central operations to enhance executional consistency, provide more inventory visibility, prioritize tasks, and improve productivity.