Replenishment and Allocation

Reach new levels of fulfillment performance

The only AI-powered supply chain platform that automates and optimizes the entire replenishment and allocation process with a single view across your entire inventory.

Two warehouse employees, a man carrying a box and a woman holding a digital tablet, collaborating and checking inventory data in a storage aisle.

Automate and optimize the end-to-end forecast and fulfillment process

Warehouse Replenishment

Support all logistics flows while automating and optimizing warehouse replenishment.

Store Replenishment

Automate the push and pull distribution over and above everyday replenishment logic.


Automate the push and pull distribution over and above everyday replenishment logic.

We’ve been able to automate and optimize our processes in everything from assortment and shelf replenishment to preparing orders for our customers.”

Andrija Derezic CIO, Mercator

Rapid, real, relevant results

  • 30%

    reduced manual intervention

  • 10%

    reduced inventory and markdowns

  • 30%

    reduced order time for fresh and packaged products

SymphonyAI has made it possible to automate ordering tasks and thus free up time to reinvest in high added-value tasks such as performance analysis and development of deeper relations with suppliers.”

Franck Noel-Fontana Director of Food Provisioning, Carrefour France

Supply Chain solutions suite

Woman and man look over tablet in a warehouse environment.
A middle-aged man smiles while using a laptop in a spacious industrial manufacturing area.
Diverse team collaborating in an office setting.

The only fully AI-powered demand forecast platform for retailers and CPGs, for greater accuracy and better collaboration across planning and replenishment.

Enabling powerful collaboration between retail and CPG supply chains on a single version of the truth and driving measurable business value for both parties.

Maximizing value while ensuring worry-free, seamless execution of core supply chain processes.