Supply Chain

Superior shopper experiences and cost savings

Better forecasting, collaboration, and decision-making with AI-powered solutions.

AI-powered Supply Chain solutions

End-to-end platform

Drive collaboration and data-driven decision making in one platform for retailers and CPGs

Seamless integration of data and workflows

Cloud-native and built to integrate with existing first and third-party applications

Greater accuracy and precision

Run what-if analyses and understand historical context with predictive and generative AI

End-to-end retail solutions

Optimize supply chain performance, drive better category and space planning decisions, and deliver a personalized customer experience with connected AI applications.

The power of connectivity

Supply Chain connected view
End-to-end suite

A connected view of availability to minimize shelf disruptions

– Real-time visibility of shelf conditions throughout the supply chain.

– Root cause analysis of out-of-stocks with automated demand forecasts updates.

– Predictive demand and supply alerts to trigger quicker assortment and planogram adjustments.

Supply Chain collaboration
End-to-end suite

An inter-enterprise view of the supply chain to enhance retailer / CPG collaboration

– Single platform to view the full journey from CPG to DC/warehouse to shelf.

– Common demand forecast built upon retailer, CPG, and contextual data to enable joint planning and decision-making.

Accelerate retail growth

  • 10%

    improved demand forecast accuracy

  • 30%

    reduced order time for fresh and packaged products

  • 15%

    improved on-shelf availability

Supply Chain solutions suite

The only fully AI-powered demand forecast platform for retailers and CPGs, for greater accuracy and better collaboration across planning and replenishment.

Unlock unparalleled accuracy and seamless collaboration in planning and replenishment for unprecedented results.

Enabling powerful collaboration between retail and CPG supply chains based on a single version of the truth and driving measurable business value for both parties.

Maximizing value while ensuring worry-free, seamless execution of core supply chain processes.