Promotion Optimization

Increase customer loyalty and profitable growth

Rapidly evaluate promotions, measuring their impact on sales, margin, and customer loyalty. Use AI to nimbly make decisions and act at the UPC and store level, boosting promotional ROI and customer satisfaction.

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Rapidly identify and eliminate underperforming promotions

Quickly evaluate promotions using metrics that matter

Evaluate promotional effectiveness across sales, profitability, and customer impact at the store and UPC level to understand which promotions are driving performance and which are underperforming.

Identify customer segment promotional insights to drive traffic and volume

Understand which promotions are driving store trips and sales and better plan future promotions based on store, region, and segment strategies and objectives with built-in segmentation tools.

Rapidly test new promotion ideas

Run “what-if” analysis in just a few clicks with rich machine learning models that eliminate expensive testing and prevent ineffective promotions.

Collaborate more deeply with CPGs

Drive better performance and collaborative decision-making with a shared platform for you and your CPG partners, providing a common view of impactful category data and opportunities.

Since we began working with SymphonyAI, we are better equipped to market to our customers because we know them better.”

Renato Stefanoni Commercial and Logistics VP, Extrafarma

Rapid, real, relevant results

  • 30%

    reduction in inefficient promotions

  • 3x

    uplift in promotion revenue

  • 1%

    increase in overall revenue

Why SymphonyAI’s Promotion Optimization solution?

Make promotional decisions that drive customer loyalty and a higher promotional ROI in near real-time

Rapid evaluation of promotions

Understand in near-real time which promotions are effective and which are not so you can act quickly.

Evaluation metrics that matter

Evaluation algorithms consider the impact on sales, margin, and customer behavior so you can make optimal promotional decisions.

UPC and store-level granularity

System-wide promotion evaluation, from a product, category, and store-level, so you can take the right action.

Agile scenario planning

Machine learning-powered “what if” capabilities to understand the impact before costly deployment.

Customer-centric analysis

Analysis at the customer level, to understand the impact of promotions on your most important segments.

Information at a glance

Dashboards and simple-to-use interfaces that provide information quickly and at the most granular levels, for your internal users and external partners.

We’ve found our partnership with SymphonyAI to be a true win-win scenario. Our customers feel recognized and valued…(and) we’ve benefited from improved customer loyalty.”

Flávio Almeida CRM and Private Label Manager, Extrafarma

Merchandising and Marketing solutions suite

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Localized, customer-centric and space-aware assortment decisions at scale and speed to drive customer satisfaction, loyalty, and growth.

Real-time prescriptive insights that uncover opportunities and actions required to anticipate and respond to customer needs and accelerate growth.

Hyper-personalized and multi-channel shopper promotions that improve offer relevancy, redemption, and ROI – all while driving customer loyalty.