Store Intelligence

Digital, automated, connected stores

Achieve new levels of compliance, on-shelf availability, and operational excellence with AI and computer vision delivering a real-time view of shelf conditions, prioritized workflows, and insight-based recommendations.

Store Intelligence data sheet
Gain full end-to-end capabilities, from initial category review to optimization, execution, and continuous real-time planogram monitoring and rapid remediation to close gaps and maximize delivery

See every shelf in every store with proven technology

AI-enabled technology

Use the fastest and most accurate combined AI and computer vision (OCR).

A real-time view of the shelf

Identify and address on-shelf availability and planogram and pricing compliance issues as they happen.

AI-driven action worklists

AI-driven insights and next best actions all prioritized for optimal store performance.

Flexible image capture

Capture images using mobile devices, robots, fixed cameras, or any combination.

Product data monetization

Allows for the exchange of data to help partners manage labor, supply chain, and orders.

The fastest and most accurate AI and computer vision (OCR)

Sophisticated AI and computer vision technology gives retailers a real-time view of the shelf to identify and address on-shelf availability, planogram, and pricing compliance issues as they happen. This eases the load on store associates and ensures accuracy by swiftly comparing planograms to real-time shelf images.

Store intelligence item status screenshot

Flexible image capture with highly scalable architecture

Retailers can capture images using mobile devices, robots, fixed cameras, or any combination with access to over two million unique SKUs built into the image recognition library.

Store intelligence realogram screenshot

AI-driven action worklists

Retailers can ensure the most critical issues are addressed first. Store Intelligence uses AI to prioritize shelf issues by critical KPIs, enabling associates to address impactful items swiftly and reduce disruptions.

Store intelligence worklist screenshot

Product data monetization

Store Intelligence’s unique monetization service transforms real-time shelf views into an asset, driving top-line revenue for retailers. This exchange of data is valuable to help manage labor, supply chain, and orders, and gain competitive insights.

Store intelligence CPG reporting screenshot

Rapid, real, relevant results

  • 11%

    increased on-shelf availability

  • 23%

    improved planogram compliance

  • 5%

    increased sales

Store and Space solutions suite

Deliver the highest performing combination of merchandising space for every store.

Two professionals review retail plans on a table with digital devices present.

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