Store and Space

Real-time visibility and flawless execution

AI-powered solutions meet customers’ needs and exceed expectations

AI-powered Store and Space solutions

Real-time analysis

Realize maximum ROI with an interconnected view of the store

End-to-end merchandising process

Seamlessly incorporate category strategy with streamlined processes from planning to execution and compliance

Leading technology

Increase productivity while reducing shrink with best-in-class store operations and fresh item management

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End-to-end retail solutions

Optimize supply chain performance, drive better category and space planning decisions, and deliver a personalized customer experience with connected AI applications.

The power of connectivity

Store and Space shopper insights
End-to-end suite

Seamless execution of shopper insights

– Recommended space-aware assortment changes seamlessly reflect store-level planograms.

– Demand planning forecasts new item cut-ins to ensure optimal ordering and space allocation.

– Real-time shelf visibility delivers feedback loop to ensure new planogram compliance.

Store and Space shelf intelligence
End-to-end suite

A connected view of the shelf to minimize supply chain disruptions

– Quickly identify disruptions at the shelf, such as out-of-stocks, incorrect price, and misplaced items.

– Create prioritized worklists to take immediate corrective actions.

– Dynamic re-ordering signal sent to replenishment system and real-time adjustments from Demand Forecasting.

Accelerate retail growth

  • 23%

    improved planogram compliance

  • 20%

    increase in customer loyalty

  • 11%

    increased on-shelf availability

Store and Space solutions suite

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Two retail store employees, a man and a woman in uniform, discuss and use SymphonyAI platform on a tablet to check inventory in a grocery store aisle.
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Deliver the highest performing combination of merchandising space for every store.

Intuitive planogramming that seamlessly incorporates category strategy, assortment updates, SKU adjacencies, physical constraints and merchandising guidelines.

Leverage a real-time view of the shelf, using the most advanced AI and computer vision technology, to achieve new levels of compliance, on-shelf availability, and improved store operations.

Seamless link between stores and central operations to enhance executional consistency, provide more inventory visibility, prioritize tasks, and improve productivity.