CPG solutions

Drive visibility, collaboration, and revenue growth

Seamlessly integrate data with retailers through AI-powered solutions

AI-powered CPG solutions

Real-time insights

Execute plans quicker and more accurately with real-time impact understanding.

Connect to retailer partners

Maximize insights and drive revenue with a robust, interconnected ecosystem for CPGs and retailer partners.

Predictive analytics, prescriptive recommendations

Industry-leading AI and ML capabilities process billions of transactions to improve and accelerate decision-making.

Accelerate CPG growth

  • 5%

    average category sales growth

  • 11%

    increased on-shelf availability

  • 23%

    improved planogram compliance

CPG solutions suite

Real-time prescriptive insights that uncover opportunities and actions required to anticipate and respond to customer needs and accelerate growth.

Localized, customer-centric and space-aware assortment decisions at scale and speed to drive customer satisfaction, loyalty, and growth.

AI-powered promotion optimization to create customer-centric plans, reduce ineffective promotions, and drive better Retailer / CPG collaboration.

Real-time view into any store, any aisle, any category, using the most advanced AI and OCR technology to maximize revenue growth.

Connecting CPGs and retailer supply chains, providing the visibility and insights needed to drive better forecasting and decision-making.