Accelerate revenue and margin growth

Identify specific performance drivers, uncover growth opportunities, anticipate and respond to customer needs, and pave the way for profitable sales growth in retail with predictive and prescriptive AI.

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Speed to insights. The ultimate solution for productivity, insights, and concise prescriptive analytics.

Generative AI

Introducing the Category Manager Copilot

Driven by predictive and generative AI, the Category Manager Copilot is your trusted aide, streamlining processes, deciphering complex queries, and enabling data-informed decisions. It understands queries, uncovers performance factors, automates tasks, and guides you through potential scenarios to provide clarity and efficiency.

AI-enabled retail insights-to-action for profitable growth

Accelerate revenue and margin growth

Accelerate growth and increase shopper satisfaction. CINDE AI is like having hundreds of data scientists and business analysts on-hand, processing billions of retail sales transactions, mining trends, and identifying anomalies, to drive better business performance.

Review business performance in real-time

Never again spend hours gathering and analyzing reports for business reviews. The SymphonyAI dashboard provides all the information you need to understand performance and recommend actionable steps, in real-time, all in one place.

Collaborate internally and externally with ease

SymphonyAI’s unbiased platform for collaboration provides retailers and CPGs a single view of performance, insights into performance drivers, and prescriptive opportunities to improve performance.

Speed to insights

AI-powered models drive real-time retail insights into category and brand performance, to correct issues and surface opportunities faster. See shared views of opportunities ensuring collaboration and speed to identified value. Prescriptive and generative AI copilot capability provides supercharged speed to insights (WHAT happened, WHY it happened, WHO it happened to), speed to action, and value (WHAT opportunities exist).

CINDE generative AI category review screenshot

Unleash powerful insights through your BI platform

Role-based Al and ML-powered insights uncover top growth opportunities tailored to each user’s priorities. Effortlessly tap into your existing Business Intelligence tools to streamline data analysis and drive impactful insights to the forefront. Empower users with the full potential of current reporting, extracting unparalleled value and fostering data-driven decision making.

CINDE generative AI category review board screenshot

Contextual intelligence

Easily understand the data behind the metrics for better weekly sales and category reviews. On-demand flexible reporting capabilities to enable deep-dive analytical interrogation, as well as specific customer segmentation across loyalty and prices sensitivity. Diagnostic AI-driven intelligence makes it easy to solve most common tasks for category management and shopper marketing.

CINDE generative AI copilot for retailers screenshot

Scalability across the enterprise

Cloud scale on a unified platform delivers customer-centric decisions to the entire enterprise. One version of the truth that drives more efficient CPG meetings and negotiations. Enjoy delivery of incremental financial value through insights from across the connected retail store model internal and external to your business.

CINDE generative AI personalized dashboard screenshot

Rapid, real, relevant results

  • 1%

    overall revenue increase through uncovering insights

  • 10%

    productivity improvement

  • 2x

    improvement in incremental sales per markdown $

Merchandising and Marketing product suite

Localized, customer-centric and space-aware assortment decisions at scale and speed to drive customer satisfaction, loyalty, and growth.

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