Supply Chain Intelligence

An inter-enterprise view of the supply chain

Supply chain visibility, predictive and prescriptive analytics, workflow, and execution that powers joint business value creation for retailers and their CPG partners.

A comprehensive, near-real-time view across the supply chain

Retailers and their suppliers can jointly identify problems in near-real-time and collaboratively address them with both immediate actions and root-cause remediation.

Highly informed decision-making

Designed with predictive, prescriptive, and generative AI, our platform optimizes the most pressing business cases like OTIF, OSA, CPFR, waste/shrink, new item introductions, and many more.

Supply chain collaboration and monetization

Retailers have the opportunity to drive direct value from their data, as well as, reap the benefits of joint business value creation through collaborative work with their trading partners

With SymphonyAI technology, we get best-in-class solutions and can evolve to full end-to-end supply chain optimization.”

Jennifer Hopper CIO, Save A Lot 

Up to 4pts improved OSA

  • 2%

    revenue increase

  • 10%

    reduction in inventory

  • 10%

    waste reduction

Why SymphonyAI’s Supply Chain Intelligence?

Access your most relevant supply chain insights in real-time with a unified dashboard for enterprise-wide visibility

Inventory management

Maintain optimal inventory levels that simultaneously ensure service level expectations and optimize cash flow.

Waste reduction

Identify and reduce waste to optimal levels to deliver against sales and margin targets

Sales performance

Deliver on sales forecasts of core items, new product introductions, and promotions through enhanced supply chain execution.

Vendor performance

Monitor, incentivize, and improve on-time and in-full metrics across all categories and channels.

On-shelf availability

Monitor, incentivize, and improve on-time and in-full metrics across all categories and channels.

Retail execution

Identify and correct inventory discrepancies, promotion execution, markdown management and other critical shop floor activities.

SymphonyAI’s deep understanding of the grocery business and leading AI-based solutions will position our company to thrive not only in the near-term but into the future.”

Jenai Sullivan Chairman and CEO, Foodland

Supply Chain solutions suite

Woman and man look over tablet in a warehouse environment.
Young woman arranging products in a grocery store cooler.
Diverse team collaborating in an office setting.

The only fully AI-powered demand forecast platform for retailers and CPGs, for greater accuracy and better collaboration across planning and replenishment.

Unlock unparalleled accuracy and seamless collaboration in planning and replenishment for unprecedented results.

Maximizing value while ensuring worry-free, seamless execution of core supply chain processes.