Predictive Asset Intelligence

Transform traditional Asset Performance Management. Achieve optimal asset performance, real-time asset health monitoring, and reliable operations with predictive AI models built for industry.

Maximize uptime and production rates with Predictive Asset Intelligence

  • 10 – 30%

    Improved productivity across manufacturing divisions and user roles

  • 20 – 50%

    Reduction in downtime through predictive maintenance and actionable alerts

  • 1 – 5%

    Increased yield of production with efficient resource allocation and operations

Using predictive AI models from SymphonyAI integrated with critical data sources, we have already been able to proactively detect anomalies and prevent unplanned stoppages”

Ben Engels Reliability Manager for Nippon Gasses

Extend the traditional APM strategy

Predictive asset intelligence: real-time monitoring and actionable alerts driven by unified data

Factory Shopfloor predictive asset intelligence
Proactively maintaining asset health, uptime, and dependability

Overcome struggles to fully leverage industrial data and increase focus on asset insights rather than the typically inefficient and costly global asset management approach. Discover new value by consolidating diverse data sources into comprehensive views of asset health, replacing knowledge silos and poor integrations between data systems that wreak havoc on manufacturing processes and production rates.

Transparent asset health monitoring provides full visibility into machine status and performance through real-time analytics based on intelligent unified enterprise data. Uptime is maximized through powerful AI-driven early warnings and user alerts by taking a proactive maintenance approach with Predictive Asset Intelligence.

Operations are easily optimized with deep learning digital twins that forecast and fine-tune operations, effectively adapting to changes in plant conditions in real-time.

Predictive Asset Intelligence is built on top of IRIS Foundry to unlock value across the entire industry chain.

Predictive Maintenance, Real-Time Alerts, and Effortless Asset Management

Unlock the power of predictive maintenance, asset health management, and data forecasting. Elevate industrial and manufacturing operations with performance metrics, optimized reporting, monitoring and alerts, and seamless collaborations.

Establish a contextualized source-of-truth for IT and OT data across facilities and functions.

Predictive Asset Intelligence further unlocks benefits and value from enterprise data through the IRIS Platform with effortless data contextualization, integration, validation, and governance.

A comprehensive no-code MLOps Studio enables SMEs to easily explore, build, validate, deploy, and scale pre-built AI models such as anomaly detection.

Transform the way you interact with your plant data with the world’s most powerful, most explainable, and most trustworthy Industrial IRIS Copilot.

Ask questions about any assets in your enterprise to find more detailed analysis, understand alerts and receive recommended actions for next steps, and run predictive forecasts with predictive AI models to see how how the health of equipment is expected to change over time.

Stay informed in real-time at all times, leveraging multi-modal anomaly detection with cutting-edge deep learning AI. Building intelligence from consuming vibration data, process data, documents, media, and other enterprise data, AI can predict and detect incipient issues and generate warnings at the early stages of mechanical or performance problems.

State-of-the-art machine reasoning engines automatically analyze data patterns to determine possible root causes and recommend mitigative actions. These engines utilize built-in machine and process physics to provide accurate and actionable advisories, ensuring swift and effective problem resolution.

Predictive Asset Intelligence Alerts and Advisories dashboard

Accelerate time-to-value with comprehensive pre-built asset model libraries. These libraries significantly reduce setup time for new models from days to just a few minutes, streamlining the implementation process and enabling faster deployment of predictive maintenance solutions.

The asset models come with predefined failure modes and patterns, covering over 85% of industrial assets. This extensive coverage ensures that most equipment types are already accounted for, providing an intelligent and robust foundation for monitoring and maintaining asset health efficiently.

Industrial asset and process

Simplify asset management with a no-code, fully self-service, and configurable asset hierarchy. Build and maintain the hierarchy with an intuitive user interface to manage asset model definitions, data transformations, and asset health. This seamless approach allows users of all technical backgrounds to manage their assets efficiently.

With Predictive Asset Intelligence, managing AI models becomes a straightforward task that requires just a few clicks, eliminating the need for specialized knowledge in data science or engineering. This simplicity enables faster implementation and more effective utilization of AI, ensuring that your team can focus on leveraging insights and driving operational excellence.

Asset Hierarchy


Verdantix Green Quadrant​: Asset Performance Management Solutions 2022
SymphonyAI is best-in-class for global artificial intelligence solutions: 2023 Technology Innovation Leadership Award

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Track what’s important and gain insights from the hidden data behind your product execution process.

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Prescriptive analytics for critical assets, systems, and processes.

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Advanced AI for critical assets and processes.

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Vision inspection and quality augmented with AI

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AI-enabled production batch optimization and quality.

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Improve operational excellence, quality, and compliance.

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Maximize output and guarantee product quality and safety.

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Ensure optimal assembly line functioning and resolve issues quickly and effectively.

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Meet compliance regulations, manage safety risks, and operate efficiently